19 Jan 21

New Lumineth and Soulblight models revealed – and shot on a non-terrible camera

The dread potato camera has long been the bane of Warhammer fans everywhere. Wherever it strikes, you’ll find poorly rendered pics of an out-of-focus future. As you may have seen in the wild places of the internet, it’s found and snapped its latest victims…

AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Potato7qn

Luckily for you, the Warhammer Community team is on hand. We’ve used a non-starch-powered photographic device to get you some non-terrible pics of these awesome new miniatures.

But first… Have you ever wondered what Lumineth Realm-lords sound like?

Aelves on kangaroos? The Mortal Realms is just full of surprises, isn’t it? Despite the internet speculation today, these stylish mounts aren’t actually Antipodean marsupials, despite the resemblance. These creatures are treerunners – one of the many and varied exotic Hyshian creatures with which the Lumineth have a natural affinity. Their riders are Hurakan Windchargers, and we can only assume they’re swift as an autumn gale.

And that’s not all! Check out the Vanari Lord Regent – on another as-yet-unseen creature – ready to lead the charge of Lumineth cavalry – ungulate, bounding or otherwise.

AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Content5z

Oh, and if you are a Lumineth fan, you don’t want to miss Saturday’s Warhammer Preview Online: The Dead and the Divine. We’re just getting started.

It looks like the power of ancient bloodlines is rising in the Mortal Realms as well – just take a look at this bloodsucking fiend, who answers to the title of Vampire Lord.

AoS LuminethReveals Jan19 Content6an

What heroes will stand against this reborn evil? You might just find out on Saturday as we raise the stakes in our latest Warhammer Preview online. Check out our preview of the preview for the lowdown on where and when.

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