03 Nov 20

Open for Business…ish


Games-workshop.com – Open for Business!

When the UK government announced new lockdown measures for England this week, we received a lot of questions about what that means for the Warhammer hobby. The good news is, we’re not expecting any knock-on effects from the lockdown in England to our operations elsewhere in the world. Warhammer shops will stay open (wherever it is safe for them to do so), our webstores are standing by to take your orders, and our factories and warehouses are operating safely – so your weekly Warhammer new releases will keep coming!

Stores in England Closed from Thursday

In England, our Warhammer shops (including Warhammer World) as well as many independent retailers, will be closed from Thursday, in line with government regulations. That means today and tomorrow are the last chance you’ll get to visit your local Warhammer store for at least a month, so make sure to pop by and stock up on your hobby essentials before they seal the blast doors.

Other Warhammer Stores – Open Where They Can Be!

There are several other lockdowns in effect in Europe currently, including France, Wales and Belgium. Wherever we have Warhammer stores, we’ll follow local government guidelines, so keep an eye on reliable news outlets in your area for the latest. If your local shop is closed, don’t worry. We’ll get you your Warhammer as long as trucks can drive, planes can fly and your lovely local postie is making deliveries on your street. In short – we’re always open online.

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Stay Connected Online

Lockdown can be a tough time, and it’s good to keep busy. Remember, to look out for each other. Now’s the time to arrange video build and paint sessions with your friends and take a moment to check in on each other (virtually). 

We’ll be playing our part too – come join Wade, Chris, Nick and Ben for our daily live Twitch shows. And remember to share your own hobby with us using #WarhammerCommunity.

Stay safe, folks. 

The Warhammer Community Team