04 Aug 20

White Dwarf Preview – Issue 455

Grombrindal’s finest monthly offering is set to return to stores (or letterboxes) near you in the form of issue 455 – behold its glory!

That’s right, folks – your next action-packed issue is on it’s way soon, so let’s take a look at what this month’s offering holds in store…

There are a few articles in particular that we’re super-excited about, so we wanted to explore more about them. Here’s what we discovered.

Tome Celestial: The Jaws of Mork

If you like your pets angry, fang-mawed, and as dangerous as a dangerous thing with an especially good reason to be dangerous, chances are you’ll love the fearsome Squigalanches of the Gloomspite Gitz. Well, the Jaws of Mork are one such a crazed bunch of diminutive greenskins, and they seek to drown all before them beneath a sea of squigs the likes of which has never been seen before. The Tome Celestial investigates this ambitious grot horde and delves into their history, organisation, and motivations in great detail. When you’re done reading, you can unleash them on the battlefield with new allegiance abilities, command abilities, traits, and artefacts of power exclusive to the Jaws of Mork!

What squig-free offering is our highlight of the month for Warhammer 40,000?

Organisation of a Chapter

Not just any Chapter, mind! If you’ve been keeping up with your White Dwarf reading over the past few months, you’ll know that the team has been busy exploring what it takes to create a Chapter of Space Marines all of their very own – the Tome Keepers. Well, this month, our resident Dwarfers have been looking at the wider organisation of the Tome Keepers and the impact it will have on the characteristics of their Chapter. This also serves as a great opportunity to introduce some of the key players in their command structure, as well as settle upon the Chapter’s official insignia and heraldry.

A special mention also has to go out to the battles of the Pariah Nexus article, too. If you’ve read Psychic Awakening: Pariah, picked up a copy of Indomitus, or are planning to pre-order one of the awesome new Warhammer 40,000 Starter Sets this weekend, you may have heard of the Pariah Nexus. This issue delves into this ominous region of space in ever greater detail, and is definitely one not to be missed!

Our wild card for this month is a seismic one. Literally. You’ll all but feel the ground shaking as you read it!

Battle Report: Betrayal at Ithraca

What’s better than armies of towering war machines blasting each other to pieces with weaponry powerful enough to level entire cities? We couldn’t think of anything, which is why we’ve picked out this month’s Battle Report, Betrayal at Ithraca, as an obvious highlight of the issue! Whether you’re already a fanatical collector of Adeptus Titanicus, or don’t really know much about the game, it’s a fascinating – and truly epic – read.

Issue 455 is on its way soon, though if you want to get ahead of the queue and get your issues delivered straight to your door (often a few days early), be sure to grab yourself a subscription