06 Mar 20

White Dwarf Preview – Issue 452

It’s March, which means that another edition of White Dwarf, Issue 452, is on its way! The mighty Space Wolves enter the Psychic Awakening later this month, so they grace the magazine’s cover (well, it’s Harald Deathwolf who steals all the glory, really).

Before we pick out some highlights from this issue to preview, let’s have a quick look at this month’s contents…

First up, let’s see what lies in store for our cover stars…

Index Astartes: Space Wolves

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about how and why the Space Wolves are the most divergent Chapter of Space Marines from the teachings of the Codex Astartes, read this detailed overview of their origins and history. Even if you already consider yourself a Skjald of the Space Wolves, with a long memory of the Chapter’s many deeds, there’s plenty of new material in there for you to hungrily devour. You can also refight the events of the featured story, Evacuation of Sorilia, with the ensuing Crucible of War mission, Stand Firm (either with the combatants described in the narrative or with factions of your choosing).

Following the action-packed Index Astartes, the ever popular Paint Splatter guides offer stage-by-stage guidance on how to paint your Space Wolves using the Classic and Contrast Methods. As if that wasn’t enough juicy content, you’ll also find a stunning showcase of Primaris Space Wolves from painters around the studio.

Up next is our pick of the bunch for fans of all things from the Mortal Realms…

Two New Campaigns!

What could be better than a 16-page campaign for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, complete with inspiring narrative and rules for running your own Hallost campaign set in the Realm of Death? Not much, we reckon! In it, you can lead your faction of choice into the dread land of Hallost and do battle with your rivals even as the continent is pulled inexorably towards its doom in the Shyish Nadir…

However, that’s not all – this issue also includes an expanded Rules of Engagement article in which games design legend Jervis Johnson introduces guidelines for running what he calls a ‘Fight and Write’ narrative campaign. We’re really spoiling you this month!

To make things easier, we’ve provided you with a handy PDF download of the map so that you can create your own settlement for each campaign you run. It may look confusing at the moment, but all will become clear when you read the article itself in this month’s issue!

And for our wild card choice this month…

Alien Intelligence

Whether you’re a fan of more unconventional Inquisitorial retinues or simply fell in love with Fleapit, one of the unsung heroes of the Warhammer Adventures novel, Attack of the Necron, you’re going to love this new addition to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. That’s right – your explorers will soon be able to recruit their own Jokaero Weaponsmith as a retinue character if you complete this month’s featured sidequest!

White Dwarf 452 will be available to pre-order on Friday the 13th of March, but while you’re at it, treat yourself to a 12 month subscription to make sure you never miss a copy, complete with swanky full-art covers!