07 Feb 20

Engine Kill! – Initial Engagement

Welcome, Princeps, to Engine Kill! This is the first instalment in a new series that will bring you all the latest news and exclusive previews for Adeptus Titanicus. 

What is Adeptus Titanicus?

Adeptus Titanicus is a game of massed battles between the war engines of the Mechanicum. Set during the galaxy-spanning civil war known as the Horus Heresy, it features armies of towering Battle Titans, supported by banners of noble Imperial Knights, smaller war engines who operate in units. You build your battlegroup and clash with enemy forces, using Command Terminals to manage your Titans’ weapons and reactor levels, as well as tracking their damage. It’s the perfect way to experience what it’s like to be the Princeps of a Titan – and all on your tabletop.

What is Engine Kill!?

This monthly series of articles will keep you up to date on what’s new for Adeptus Titanicus. We’ll reveal new models, preview the latest expansions and much more. In fact, we’re going to start right now by showing you a pattern of Titan that will be joining your battlegroups really soon. It’s time to meet the Warbringer Nemesis Titan.

This mammoth plastic kit will add new dimensions to your games of Adeptus Titanicus. The Warbringer is a dedicated heavy fire-support platform. In size, it sits between the mighty Warlord and the Reaver, and it mounts weapons that would be at home on both. Atop its carapace is a colossal quake cannon, capable of delivering widespread devastation as well as slowing down the march of enemy war engines. The model is cleverly designed so that the quake cannon can pivot to point towards whichever enemy you’re targeting.

The kit comes with a volcano cannon and laser blaster to mount on its arms. These weapons are can be swapped for the gatling blaster and melta cannon found in the Reaver Titan kit, giving you even more tactical options and giving you a great way to use your spares. 

You can pre-order your Warbringer Nemesis Titans tomorrow, alongside the cracking new Adeptus Titanicus boxed set, which includes a pair of Reavers, just begging for a weapons swap… Check back tomorrow for more details about these and other new releases for Adeptus Titanicus – and join us on the last Monday of each month for a new instalment of Engine Kill!