09 Jan 20

Middle-earth™ Hobby Bingo 2020

This time last year, the Middle-earth team embarked on a challenge to complete their various hobby projects without getting continuously distracted – mainly by all of the other awesome models that keep being released! This challenge was, of course, the Middle-earth Hobby Bingo!

Over the course of 2019, Rob Alderman, Jay Clare, Keith Robertson, Gavin Newton, Michael Bax, Ben Bailey and Sam Jeffery undertook the task of trying to tick off all 25 squares on their bingo grid – and the winner was (drumroll please)…

Rob Alderman and Ben Bailey, with both finishing 23 of the 25 challenges!

Well, the Hobby Bingo seemed to be such a hit with both the Middle-earth team and you fine people in the community that we’ve decided to do it again!

So, in 2020 the challengers are: Rob Alderman, Jay Clare, Keith Robertson, Gavin Newton, Luke Blick, Andrew King and Dave Morley. They will all be aiming to cross off as many squares as they can from their bingo sheets – and we welcome you to do the same! It’s not meant to be competitive – although challenging your friends can be loads of fun! – but is intended to keep us all motivated to complete as many hobby projects as we can over the year.

If you want to join in yourself, simply print off the Hobby Bingo sheet, stick it up on your wall at home, and get cracking! To make things even more interesting, you could reward yourself each time you finish a line – getting some new paint brushes, paints, or a small bar of chocolate are some of the ways people rewarded themselves here in the office.

The Middle-earth team will provide updates about the challengers’ progress throughout the year, as they see who can achieve the most in 2020. And if you want to share your own progress in the Middle-earth Hobby Bingo 2020 challenge, head on over to the Forge World Facebook page and show us how you’re getting on in the comments.

Good luck everyone!