11 Sep 19

Monsters & Mercenaries: Our Favourite Eight Points

With Warcry: Monsters & Mercenaries hitting stores on Saturday, we’re taking a look at some of the awesome things that you can do with the new book.

If you complete a fated quest, you can give the leader of your warband an exalted command trait – a quality so strong that it comes to define that warrior for the rest of their life. It’s just like your leader has been on a training course but he’s not had to spend the afternoon in a mid-price hotel.

Victory in a fated quest can also grant your warband an artefact of power. These include armour, weapons and amulets that make your fighters better. Sure, you might pay for the artefacts in blood, but bearing in mind how good they are, that’s a pretty cheap price to pay.

If you want to be the champion then you’ve got to beat the champion! What better way could there be to impress Archaon than by defeating his choicest warriors in combat? Beating the Varanguard is bound to put you in his good books.*

Want to overcome your phobia of spiders? Then fight a challenge battle against an Arachnarok! If you win, you can even add it to your roster. Then, everyone else will be scared of YOUR spider!

Want your warband to look fashionable? Add a stylish ally to your forces! Complete your Iron Golem look with an Aspiring Deathbringer, add a Gaunt Summoner to your Cypher Lords and a Darkoath Warqueen is the cherry on top of your Untamed Beasts cake. Or how about a Clawlord? They go with anything!

Defeating a mighty chaotic beast and adding to your warband roster is just the start – you still need to look after the thing. The main problem with a Chimera is working out which of its three heads to feed a treat when it does something good.**

With an Ironjawz Warchanter on drums and a Stormcast Eternals Knight-Heraldor on battle-horn, your Warcry battles will be cacophonies of noise. Maybe best if you don’t get a Tomb Banshee on lead vocals though.

If your Gloomspite Gitz don’t have mushroom left on their warband roster, why not fill one of the final slots with a Shroomancer – he’s a fun guy to have around! If you hang out somewhere dark and wet, he will really grow on you.

That’s just a selection of the fun that you can have with Warcry: Monsters & Mercenaries. Pre-order your copy now, along with a Chimera and some Chaotic Beasts, and take your battles in the Bloodwind Spoil to the next level.

* Alternatively, it could put you in his bad books, but that’s a risk you have to take!
** Remember, a Chimera is for life not just for Christmas.