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Posted 06/09/2019

Psychic Awakening: The Galaxy Stirs…

The Psychic awakening is coming, and it’s going to shake things up across the galaxy with ramifications for every faction in the 41st Millennium. But how, you ask, can a mere mortal mind follow a cataclysm that spreads across the entire Imperium and beyond?

Allow us to introduce your guide to this impending catastrophe… the Psychic Awakening Galaxy Map:

This new page centres around a living map of the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy in the wake of the Great Rift. As the series progresses, new key war zones be highlighted as the implications of the Psychic Awakening spread. It will also serve as your hub for all of the latest Psychic Awakening news, with weekly updates in the form of articles, teasers, videos, new models fiction and more… In fact, you might not have long to wait until the first update*.

As we mentioned before, all of the Warhammer 40,000 Factions will be involved in the unfolding events of the Psychic Awakening, so there’s something for everyone! Head on over to the site now to see what lies in store, and remember to check back every week to keep up with these developments as they unfold…

To kick-off the galactic hype train, let us share with you the name of the first campaign with you:

That’s all you’re getting for today, we’ll be back soon with more news from the Psychic Awakening. If you want to join in the rampant speculation feel free to join us on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

*It’s on Monday… we’re rubbish at keeping secrets.