15 Jun 19

Pre-order today: The General’s Handbook 2019

A new age of battle (and painting begins) begins! Today, the General’s Handbook 2019 goes on pre-order, while the new generation of paints hit shelves…

The General’s Handbook 2019

Part balance update, part expansion, part toolbox for creative players everywhere, this year’s General’s Handbook ensures that however you play, you’ll have something new to try.

This year’s handbook is divided into two parts – the book itself, and a separate booklet of Pitched Battle profiles for easy reference. In the handbook, you’ll find content for all types of play. New open play rules let you generate battleplans and even armies in mere moments, meaning it’s easier than ever to arrange a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Narrative play content gives you all sorts of options for adding thematic flavour to your games, from in-depth rules for battling in cities to tables of name generators for personalising your Heroes. Meanwhile, a huge suite of new and updated matched play battleplans and optional Pitched Battle rules ensure that your tournaments will be more tightly fought than ever – especially when you’re using the updated Pitched Battle profiles.

What’s more, the book contains allegiance abilities for Ironjawz, Seraphon, Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Free Peoples, Slaves to Darkness and Dispossessed, letting you unlock the full potential of these armies on the battlefield.

The Warlord Edition

For the most dedicated gamers, the Warlord Edition is packed with additional content that helps you run your battles. Available while stocks last, this version of the book comes packed with the standard edition plus a huge host of nifty accessories. A token sheet allows you to track what’s going on with your game at a glance, while a number of cards for battleplans, hidden agendas and more are great for referencing your rules.

Whichever edition you choose, pre-order your General’s Handbook 2019 online today.

Contrast: In Stores Now!

That’s not all! If you didn’t manage to pre-order your Contrast paints (or if you did, and you’re already looking to get more), good news! Gallons and gallons of new paints are available RIGHT NOW on a shelf near you. From Contrast to the rest of the new range, make sure to head down to your local Warhammer, Games Workshop or independent hobby store early to ensure you get the paints you want. Find your nearest with the Store Finder.

White Dwarf

Also available to pre-order today is White Dwarf! Your monthly hobby update is packed with rules, tips and lore to get your teeth into. What’s more, digital White Dwarf is back, allowing you to access your favourite magazine on your device, and giving you another chance to grab the rules for Imperial Assassins and more from previous issues.

Pre-order your copy in-store today, and your digital edition online right now!