06 Jun 19

Warhammer Alliance Comes to Germany!

Are you a teacher based in Germany, Austria or German-speaking Switzerland? Have you heard of Warhammer and are looking to set up a creative school club, a project group or something similar for your students? We have the perfect tool to help you – Warhammer Alliance!

Warhammer Alliance is an initiative aimed at helping school clubs and educational groups support young people to learn the fundamental skills of modelling, painting and gaming through participating in the Warhammer hobby. This scheme was previously only available in the UK, but it’s about to expand and will soon be reaching the shores of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.*

Teachers in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland who sign up to this fantastic initiative can receive a free activity pack comprising all the miniatures, paints, brushes and modelling tools to get their young people started. There is also a magazine inside filled with painting and gaming activities designed to teach the fundamental skills that are an integral part of the Warhammer hobby. What’s more, the Warhammer Alliance packs are specifically designed so that no previous experience with Warhammer is required to use it. As a result, any teacher can run the activities described in the pack!

Warhammer Alliance will be launching in Germany later this year. If you’re a teacher or youth group leader and are interested in registering your school for this exciting scheme, you can do so now! Simply fill in this online registration form and our team will be in touch nearer the time that Warhammer Alliance is ready to launch.

… and if you are a young person or a parent yourself, then let your teacher know about Warhammer Alliance.

* We run similar programmes in the UK, Asia, Australia and North America, and these will continue as normal for the moment. If you live in one of these territories and would like to sign up to the local programme, please contact us using the appropriate email below:

UK – [email protected]

North America [email protected]

Australia[email protected]

Asia (Japan, China, Singapore & Malaysia) – [email protected]