05 Jan 19

Breaking News! New Models, New Expansions and Exclusive Reveals!

UPDATE 16:30 GMT – And One More Thing!

We’ve had a cracking time at the Open Day, if you’ve joined us in person, it’s been great to see you, and if not, here’s what you missed out on.

Phew! What a day it’s been – 2019 is shaping up to be pretty incredible, and we’ve still only scratched the surface. To further stoke the engines of the hype machine, we’ve got one last model to show you…

While we can’t tell you anything about this guy yet, it’s safe to say he’s not a good guy – and the Imperium is in for some very dark days indeed…

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UPDATE 13:10 GMT – Return of the Ambull

Something big is coming to Warhammer Quest – something not seen in decades…

That’s right – the Ambull is back, and it’s angrier than ever! This model brings a classic from Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader to life in stunning detail, finally giving this terrifying beast a miniature worthy of its reputation:

The Dreaded Ambull is the first in a series of expansions for Blackstone Fortress, allowing you to add this xenos monster to your games, whether you’re hunting for its lair or simply adding it to the possible Hostiles that can turn up in any given encounter. More than just a new adversary, this is a fully-fledged side-quest to add to your games.

That’s not all our Ambull-related news, either – the Ambot, a mechanical brute from the underhive, is coming to Necromunda in a new plastic kit that builds a pair of cybernetic monstrosities:

Typical – you wait 30 years for an Ambull, and 3 show up at once…

We’ve got one more reveal and some updates from the event on their way later, so make sure to check back soon!

Open Day Blog 09:30 GMT

2019 is kicking off in style with the New Year’s Open Day at Warhammer World, and we’re here to bring you all the news.

In 2017, Warhammer 40,000 was reborn with its best edition ever. In 2018, game systems old and new were revitalised and re-invented with rules, models and more. Now, in 2019, things are going to get even better. Thought the Gloomspite Gitz were cool? You’re looking at the (fungus covered) tip of the iceberg – all year, we’ll be bringing you stuff you never dreamed of.

Let’s jump right in…

Genestealer Cults

The day of reckoning is nearly at hand – until then, we’ve got a preview of some incredible new Genestealer Cults models.

This time around, we’re bringing the upper echelons of the cults to life with a cast of new Characters. These are an unlikely pack of civilian revolutionaries – from freedom-fighting assassins to vox-hacking technicians who use cunning rather than brute force to help you claim victory for your cult:

These guys are going to give the Genestealer Cults a unique feel on the tabletop, with each offering unusual tactical tricks for your army to master.

We’ve also had a closer look at the Atalan Jackals, rapid-assault outriders of the Genestealer Cults, as well as the Jackal Alphus, a mounted sniper who’s perfect for leading an armoured column:

And, Genestealer Cults will be receiving their very own scenery piece with the Tectonic Fragdrill. This massive industrial mining machine allows you to quite literally undermine your enemy’s best-laid plans:

True to form, some new Genestealer Cults are hidden, to be revealed at a later date from where you least expect it – so stay tuned…

In the meantime, here’s a cult in all it’s multi-armed, many-splendored glory:

The latest edition of Kill Team has only been out for a few months, but gamers across the world are already taking advantage of the fast-paced, highly tactical gameplay the system provides. This year, we’ll be taking competitive Kill Team to the next level with a new expansion:

Kill Team: Arena is designed to transform Kill Team into a tournament-ready competitive skirmish wargame. Inside the expansion, you’ll find rules designed to offer a tightly balanced gaming experience that’ll test your tactical abilities to the limit, plus guidelines for running events of your own. Pre-constructed maps provide a consistent gaming experience for all, while a set of missions ensure a varied and exciting challenge.

That’s not all – Kill Team Arena also features terrain, as well as rules for fighting in ultra-close confines, representing battle fought in endless corridors of Space Hulks or the caverns of an underground base. What’s more, it’ll be released alongside two new sets – Starn’s Disciples and Theta-7 Acquisitus, both featuring all-new Commander miniatures – each a brand-new unit for their faction, for both Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000.

The Kelermorph is a gunslinging hero capable of cutting down enemy Characters in a blaze of high-calibre revolver fire, while the Tech-Priest Manipulus specialises in dealing devastating damage at range with the magnarail lance:

Lastly, we’re bringing you a brand-new Killzone to battle over – the far-flung Sector Fronteris! This battlefield lets you recreate the high-stakes action of a frontier shootout with a distinctly Warhammer 40,000 flair – we can’t think of anywhere better to put your new Genestealer Cults gunslinger to the test…

We’ve seen a lot of the Gloomspite Gitz over the past few weeks, and they were on show in all their glory at the Open Day.

(PS: did you know the first of these fungal loonatics are available to pre-order today?)

But these aren’t the only denizens of the Mortal Realms’ vast subterranean reaches emerging this year.

In the desolate reaches of Chamon, war is brewing – and there are rats in the pantry…

In Carrion Empire, two of the Mortal Realms’ most voracious factions – the skittering skaven and the ever-hungry Flesh-eater Courts – battle for supremacy amid the ruins of an ancient empire. This set promises to be a cracking way to start or expand either a Skaven or Flesh-eater Courts army, and also marks the debut of TWO brand-new Heroes – the Abhorrant Archregent and the Warlock Bombardier:

The former is a mighty mordant emperor, even more vicious – and regal – than an Abhorrant Ghoul King, while the latter is a demolitions expert armed with the Doomrocket – a weapon so powerful and dangerous it makes the Doomwheel look sensible.

This boxed set will be out soon – and we’re not stopping there. In the coming weeks, we’ll have even more exciting news on the way for Skaven and Flesh-eater Courts players…

With the new edition of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game a smash hit, fans have been hungry for some news on the latest expansions – and we’ve got some cracking reveals. Firstly, we’ve just had our first proper look at Gondor at War. This massive supplement is designed to let you recreate some of the most iconic battles from the films, as well as offering new Heroes and rewarding players who field thematic armies.

Gondor at War will be released alongside The Three Hunters – a new kit that realises some of Middle-earth’s most iconic Heroes in stunning detail (and in plastic to boot!), depicted as they leap to Gondor’s aid from the docks of Harlond:

There’s also a new General’s Accessories Pack on the way – a set of gaming essentials that make battling in Middle-earth simpler than ever:

For Adeptus Titanicus, we’ve been able to get a closer look at the new Reaver Titan, as well as the game’s first-ever supplement – Titandeath:

Titandeath kicks off a series of expansions for Adeptus Titanicus, letting you master new tactics and bring your battles to some of the most fiercely fought war zones of the Horus Heresy. In Titandeath, you’ll get to explore the conflict over Beta-Garmon, with rich lore, maps and more. New maniples and Titan Legion rules, meanwhile, let you personalise your army even more.

Not content with causing carnage in the Mortal Realms, diminutive greenskins are also a common sight on the gridiron – commonly making up for their lack of physical prowess, by breaking all the rules and buddying up with a local Troll or two.

Lastly, Nurgle teams are getting a model for their Big Guy – the foetid Rotspawn:

Sure, you might not want to share a locker room with him – but his effectiveness on the pitch is undeniable!

Stay tuned later today for more reveals from Warhammer World!