Posted 10/08/2018

Adeptus Titanicus Part 5: Miniatures Showcase

It’s Friday, and that means there’s just one day until Adeptus Titanicus is available to pre-order. This week, we’ve looked at the basics of the game, the background, how the models were designed and given you tips for getting started. Today, we’re going let the glorious miniatures speak for themselves. Not literally, obviously – they’re incredible models, but they can’t talk.

Also known as the War Griffons, these Loyal Titans are from the Specialist Games studio – as are their House Vyronii Knight allies and their enemies from Legio Mortis (the infamous Death’s Heads) and the Knights of House Malinax.

Created by Forge World writer Anuj Malhotra, who works on the Horus Heresy books, this Legion, also known as the Deep Dwellers, are loyal to the Emperor and have close ties to the Imperial Fists.

Chris Drew, sculptor of the mighty Warlord Titan, painted this example of a Titan from the infamous God Breakers based on descriptions in John French’s Horus Heresy novel Tallarn. There are plenty more Legions detailed in the Horus Heresy series to choose from.

These Questoris Knights are painted in the colours of House Vespidia, a scheme created by Forge World’s Martyn Cashmore, and of House Mordred, the invention of Forge World illustrator Dominik Oedinger, and illustrate how a unique colour scheme can make your Knights really stand out.

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