Posted 16/05/2018

Black Library Live: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Black Library Live is but a month away, and we thought this would be a great time to take a look at what’s happening at the event, who’ll be there, and more besides.

What is Black Library Live exactly, and what happens there?

Black Library Live is the premier one-day event for all fans of Warhammer fiction. It’s a day of seminars, signings, and lots of talk about lovely books. There are ten seminars spread across two rooms (which will be called “The Council Chambers” and “Shrine of the Aquila”, fact fans!) in which panels of guests will be talking about diverse topics from the Age of Sigmar, the 41st Millennium and the Horus Heresy.

Among the discussions will be “Horrors in the Glass”, about telling stories set in the streets of Shadespire, and “The Traitors United”, which will see the author and artist responsible for the forthcoming Horus Heresy novel 
Slaves to Darkness talk about the creative process behind the book and its cover. Or maybe “The Sound of Fury”, about Black Library audio, is your thing… or the ever popular open discussion about “Writing for Black Library”.

You can find the full list of seminars in the event schedule, which we handily have right here for you to download.

As well as the seminars, all the guests at the event will be taking turns signing books, audio dramas, body parts (within reason) or whatever else you’d like them to scribble on. They’re also very friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you have and chat about why you love them and their writing so much – they may even drop some hints about their newest books, some of which you’ll also be able to buy at the event, weeks or months before their official release date!

Among the exciting new books you’ll be able to get your hands on at the event are the lavish limited edition of the next Primarchs novel, Vulkan: Lord of Drakes, with a rare chance to get David Annandale to personally sign it too, alongside the second Horusian Wars novel Incarnation, the Space Marine Conquests novel War of Secrets and The Silver Shard, a witch-hunting adventure from the Age of Sigmar.

It’s not just books though – there will also be loads of pre-release audio dramas for you to choose from, including the third volume in Chris Dows’ Zachariah series, 
Martyrs of Elysia, Andy Smillie’s long-awaited Flesh Tearers tale Hunger and the Raven Guard story Soulbound.

As ever with events, there will also be a bunch of exclusive merchandise to pick up on the day, including leather-bound journals, mugs, postcards, and not one, but 
two event-exclusive short story anthologies, including Sons of the Emperor, a book packed with Primarchs tales from the Horus Heresy.

Oh, and did we mention that attendees get a free book?
A copy of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar anthology Hammerhal & Other Stories will be waiting for you when you enter the event. Why? Just because we love you and to thank you for coming.

Who will be there?

You, we hope! But you probably mean the author-types, don’t you? Well, there are loads – a dozen confirmed, in fact: eleven authors – including Dan Abnett, Guy Haley, Josh Reynolds and David Annandale (who’s coming all the way from Canada!) – and one artist, the redoutable Neil Roberts.

Where and When is the event?

Black Library Live will be held at the Warhammer World visitor centre in Lenton, Nottingham on Saturday the 16th of June. Being at the home of the Warhammer hobby, your ticket also gives you access to the Warhammer World stores – including the world’s only Forge World store – and the glorious exhibitions, showcasing Citadel miniatures across the ages… not to mention the world-famous Bugman’s Bar.

Why Should I Go?

Well, to recap: ten awesome seminars, signing sessions with your favourite authors, loads of new and pre-release books and audio dramas, event-exclusive merchandise, a free book, and everything Warhammer World has to offer. Plus a great chance to meet like-minded Black Library fans and just immerse yourself in your hobby for an entire day. You can pick up your ticket now from the Games Workshop and Black Library websites – we’ll see you there.

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