Posted 15/05/2018

Warhammer Underworlds: Beta Rules Announced

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire has quickly evolved into a competitive favourite at gaming clubs and events around the world, and we’ve been committed to supporting it every step of the way. This takes all sorts of forms – from creating awesome prize packs to having a presence at major events and making sure the ruleset is as refined and fun as it can possibly be.

As part of this ongoing commitment, the Design Studio have been closely monitoring the kind of decks and games that are performing well at Grand Clashes, and they’ve noticed that decks based around the Katophrane Relics are over-performing and leading to reduced interaction between players on the board.

The Studio are keen to address this while ensuring that Katophrane Relics decks are still viable to play with. To do this, we’re looking for your help!

Starting today, we’re introducing a new beta rule to the game. A beta rule is one that we want to test with the community to be sure that we’re making the best possible ruling before we set anything in stone. You don’t have to use this rule in your games, but if you do, we’d like to know how you find it. Depending on the feedback we receive, we may then make the rule official, tweak it, or rewrite it entirely.

The beta rule we’re now introducing increases the cost of each Katophrane Relic card to 2 glory points. In practice, this will mean that, in order to get enough glory points to equip 6 Katophrane Relics, you’ll need to play proactively and aggressively, giving your opponent a chance to respond and leading to better games. We’ll be using this beta rule at upcoming events run by us and official Grand Clash events, and we’d welcome any tournament organisers who want to do the same to try it out.

We’re looking for your feedback on how this change affects you so we can find the best possible ruling for the Katophrane Relics. Let us know your thoughts, alternative ideas and feedback from your games on Facebook and on [email protected], our official feedback inbox.

We’ll also be keeping a close eye on events we’re attending to see how the change is affecting the metagame, and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to find a solution that leaves the Katophrane Relics as a powerful option with a clear niche while still being fun to play with and against.

You can download the beta rule for your games below:

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