Posted 14/04/2018

The Legacy of Dorn Continues

Like all the sons of Rogal Dorn, the Crimson Fists have a proud and storied history, only very slightly marred by that time a massive ork invasion devastated their home planet of Rynn’s World, and the Chapter accidentally blew up their own fortress-monastery while fighting it. In the years since, they have cleansed the orks from Rynn’s World and battled their way back to glory, and among their greatest heroes is Veteran Sergeant Galleas. We last saw him face a moral dilemma while aiding an inquisitor in the short story ‘None More Loyal’, by Mike Lee. And now Mike is looking back into Galleas’ past and his actions during the battle that defined the Chapter’s saga in Legacy of Dorn.

This brand new novel is set during the battle for Rynn’s World. This infamous conflict was well chronicled in Steve Parker’s aptly-titled Rynn’s World, which focused on the key events in the battle – but Galleas and his squad weren’t involved in the big battles and drama of the time. Instead, they were trapped deep behind ork lines, safeguarding some of the ordinary humans who make Rynn’s World their home – and Legacy of Dorn follows their attempts to survive and to turn their human allies into a guerrilla force to strike back against the greenskin invaders.

You can download the eBook edition of Legacy of Dorn now, and pre-order the hardback edition, which will be in stores next weekend – and in the meantime, it’s worth reading Rynn’s World, to see the points at which the two stories connect and experience the overarching story of this epic battle.

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