Posted 14/04/2018

From Beneath the Waves They Come

A new force is rising in the Mortal Realms. Literally rising, from the ocean depths, in fact. That’s right, the Idoneth Deepkin are here, and they’re looking for souls…

This new faction of aelves for Warhammer Age of Sigmar are arriving with a splash, bringing a brand new battletome to the game, along with a host of new Citadel miniatures and accessories.


Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin is your first port of call for all the information you’ll need on these nautical natives. In its 136 pages, you will find extensive background on the new race, from their creation when Teclis retrieved the souls of his people from Slaanesh, to their current incarnation, and their various castes, enclaves and heroes. A timeline of key events in their history is joined by an explanation of the Whirlways they use for travel and a lot more besides. Extensive uniform guides, painting guides and photographs of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures give you inspiration and ideas for your own army… and then, of course, there are the rules.

15 warscrolls cover the entire new model range (including the Gloomtide Shipwreck scenery kit) from Akhelian Kings to Namarti Thralls, while five warscroll battalions give you bonuses for using particular combinations of units – and one even allows you to represent an alliance of Idoneth Deepkin and sylvaneth! Like other battletomes, there is also an extensive suite of allegiance abilities, including battle traits, command traits, four different sets of artefacts, a new Lore of Magic and rituals. You can also further customise your force by theming it to one of six different enclaves and their methods of waging war, giving you different abilities and altering the composition of warscroll battalions.

There are also full rules for using Idoneth Deepkin in a Path to Glory campaign, with warband tables, rewards and a battleplan, which sits alongside three battleplans for larger games.

Of course, to make the best use of this battletome, you’ll need Citadel miniatures, and the first wave of Idoneth Deepkin models are also available to pre-order now.

Namarti Thralls form the core of many Idoneth Deepkin forces. In the box, you’ll find ten of these blind, soul-hungry warriors, armed with lanmari blades in a variety of styles. There’s a mixture of male and female torsos, additional parts for an icon bearer, and some fishy accessories for the bases.


In times of need, the stored souls of fallen Idoneth Deepkin are released and form into a memory of the dead god they worship, the aelven deity of the sea from the world-that-was. These Eidolons of Mathlann take two forms – the Aspect of the Sea or the Aspect of the Storm – and the Eidolon of Mathlann boxed set lets you build either of these variants. Accompanied by an ethereal stormshoal in either form, each different Eidolon has unique features.

The Aspect of the Sea includes an open-faced helmet and is armed with psi-trident and a deep-sea Sceptre. The Aspect of the Storm instead carries Fuathtar, Spear of Repressed Fury and crulhook, and wears a closed helm with a net-styled crest.

Each Aspect wears scale-patterned mail, complete with sigils of Mathlann. A cloak of flowing water completes the model, and the sprues are also packed with basing accessories, including several samples of coral, a wreck, chests and more fish than you can possibly fit on one model (giving you loads for other parts of your army).

The final model this week is a named character to lead your fledgeling force – Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers. Holder of the catalogue of souls and greatest of the Soul Wardens, Lotann is an inspirational figure to the soul-devouring Namarti, and the model is suitably epic. Posed holding a scroll and his bone quill, Lotann is accompanied by his Ochtar familiar, which carries weapons to defend its master (as well as a pot of ink for his quill!). Lotann looks like a joy to paint, with the Ochtar and his ornate robes providing plenty of opportunity for showing off your brush skills.

And speaking of painting, there’s a pair of new colours designed to help you get your new Idoneth Deepkin ready for battle. With the distinctive pale skin tones such a prominent part of the models – especially the Namarti Thralls – we are releasing Ionrach Skin, a new Base colour, and the corresponding Layer, Deepkin Flesh. These plus your choice of Shade will be the ideal way to make your Idoneth look like they’ve just emerged from the sunken depths.

But what lies at the bottom of those very depths? Why, the Gloomtide Shipwreck. The Idoneth Deepkin don’t like intruders, and at the borders of their realms, the seabed is littered with the wrecks of ships they have sunk. The new Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck scenery kit represents such a wreck, raised along with the Idoneth Deepkin armies. This kit comes with two halves of a sunken vessel, detailed with Sigmarite markings. It can be used as a single scenery piece or two, and also comes with a scenic base, alongside six shoals of creatures that can be used here or on other bases in your collection.

To round out this week’s Idoneth Deepkin releases, you can also pick up a unique dice set. This contains 20 dice in a translucent blue reminiscent of the ocean depths, with skulls on the 1s and an Idoneth icon on the 6. You can also pre-order a set of Warscroll Cards: Idoneth Deepkin now, giving you an easily portable reference for your units, alongside two sheets of handy tokens.

Last, but by no means least, this week sees the release of card sleeves for last week’s Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire warbands – one set for Magore’s Fiends and another for The Farstriders. Each pack contains enough sleeves for each warband’s fighter cards, plus 12 Objectives and 20 Power cards.

All of these releases are available to pre-order now from the Games Workshop webstore, and you can also head to Warhammer Digital to pre-order the eBook edition of the Idoneth Deepkin battletome.

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