Posted 10/03/2018

The NEO Malign Portents Coalescence – Pack Now Live

A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you the first details of the Malign Portents Coalescence – a massive event designed to introduce hundreds of gamers to the wonderful world of narrative play. Taking place on March the 17th, and playable with a smaller army, Coalescence promises to be ideal both for seasoned narrative players and those who’ve never given it a go but have always been curious to try. While this event isn’t organised by Games Workshop, we think it’s pretty awesome, and so wanted to share it with as many people as possible!

Ahead of the event, we’re providing the pack, courtesy of the hard-working NEOs (that’s Narrative Event Organisers), giving you plenty of time to prepare for Coalescence events near you – or even organise one yourself! A Coalescence event can consist of anything from a series of linked games with your friends to an organised effort involving dozens of players at a local store.

You can download the pack here:

Inside, you’ll find tips for narrative play, new battleplans, progression tables for your Harbingers and even cut-out scenery for using in the event. Even if you don’t join in on the 17th, there’s plenty in the pack to try in your own time if you’re looking for something new.

If you’re looking to find out about where the nearest Malign Portents Coalescence to you is, want to organise your own or just want to learn more, make sure to check out the Coalescence Facebook page.

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