Posted 08/03/2018

Five Reasons To Get Excited For Vermintide 2

Today sees the launch of a brand new PC game set in the darkness of the world-that-was. Following on from the hit 2015 game Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide comes a sequel, which takes the heroes from the original game and thrusts them into new danger, with a host of new enemies and exciting new features. Here are the developers Fatshark to tell us more.

Fatshark: Few things compare to the excitement of developing a sequel to our beloved passion project, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. While the first game allowed us to express our love for the Warhammer Fantasy Battle setting, Vermintide 2 has allowed us to delve even further into the lore and to evolve the gameplay and feeling into something new. Don’t worry, Vermintide 2 is still rooted in the challenging and intense melee action we all know and love. Yet, at the same time, it’s so much more. In no particular order, here is our list of the top 5 things that have us excited for the release of Vermintide 2.

The Warriors of Chaos Join the Fray

Even if you’ve only dipped your toe into the rich Warhammer Fantasy Battle history and lore, chances are high that you’ve stumbled upon the brutal Chaos factions at some point. We love these vicious brutes, especially when they are in the thrall of the Urfather himself, and you can, therefore, look forward to combatting the vicious clan of Norsemen known as the Rotbloods in Vermintide 2. That’s right, the Warriors of Chaos have allied themselves with the Skaven to launch a devastating offensive on Reikland itself, bringing with them horrors beyond our wildest nightmares. Twisted Chaos Spawn, cunning Chaos Sorcerers, ferocious Bile Trolls, devastating Stormfiends and fanatical Plague Monks are but some of the creatures you will encounter on your adventures, and it will take both skill and teamwork to bring them down.

The Heroes Return – Now with Careers

One of the earliest decisions we made was to keep our five protagonists from the first game. The reason was simple enough – we love their backstories and personalities, and felt there was more to tell about their adventures in the early stages of the apocalyptic End Times.

We did, however, want to evolve the heroes and provide more options to players, which is why we introduced careers in Vermintide 2. Each hero now offers a choice of three vastly different careers, each with different playstyles, passive and active abilities, and talent trees for even more customisation. This system opens up options previously unavailable, like allowing the Dwarf Bardin to be a Slayer, or the Elf Kerillian to take on the mantle of a Shade. So with 15 careers in total to explore, we can’t wait to see how our community embraces their new roles, abilities and more.

Exploring More of Reikland’s Landscape

With Vermintide 2, we wanted to go beyond the walls of just one city to tell the story of our heroes. With the rich history of the Reikland countryside, we knew we could explore environments previously unseen in Vermintide and provide varied and dynamic locations to battle the enemy in. The Ubersreik of Vermintide 2 is Helmgart, a fortress town nestled in the Grey Mountains and guarding the border to Bretonnia. Where once there stood a peaceful city, Chaos and catastrophe now reign, with corpses and fire littering the streets. Yet Helmgart is but one of many locations our heroes’ adventure will see as they battle Skaven and Chaos alike through High Elf ruins, the burned down town of Ussingen, Chaos war camps and more. Each location holds its own secrets and backstories, but will fighting through them be enough to defeat the enemy? Only time will tell.

Pushing the Challenge to New Heights

Vermintide is, at its heart, a game about skill, about pitting yourself and your team against increasing difficulty levels and challenges, and walking away from the encounter triumphant. It’s easy to pick up but hard to master, and utilising dodges, blocks and parries to the maximum effect will elevate you to entirely new levels.

Vermintide 2 continues on in this tradition, encouraging players to hone their tactics against the onslaught of enemies. However, with the added enemy faction, new fighters in the Skaven army, and the introduction of active and passive abilities with careers, players will have a whole new skill set and battlefield to master.

Becoming a Cataclysm victor is no easy feat, but we feel confident that our community is up to all the new trials ahead.

New and Improved Loot System

Vermintide introduced our players to the entrancing combination of intense melee combat and glorious victories, which were, in turn, followed by a loot-based reward. Many hours were spent claiming weapons, trinkets and more, and with this being such a critical part of what made Vermintide special, we had to make sure that the sequel took it to the next level. But just like before, the reward has to be based on skill in the game, not money in your wallet.

With the introduction of careers, we wanted to ensure that players received loot they would find useful while progressing through the talent trees of their favourite characters. Depending on the difficulty level you’re playing, how many tomes and grimoires you grabbed and what career you’re playing, your reward crate will upgrade to a corresponding level and produce loot suited to your hero. Gone are the days of pointless loot rolls, and we welcome this career-based system with open arms.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide 2 is released today on PC. Head over to Steam to download it, and jump into the apocalyptic action right away! And if Fatshark haven’t whetted your appetite enough yet, check out this amazing launch video.

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