Posted 08/03/2018

Dread Solstice Week 3 Results: Oh Dear.

You’ve really gone and done it now.

This week, you were presented with a Red Mist formed from the nightmares of the seers and prophets you slew earlier in the campaign. For most, this would read as a pretty bad omen, but it seems many of you decided this week to make the best of a bad situation and embrace this mysterious miasma – and deal with the consequences later.

The good news is that all warriors are now infused with lunatic strength:

The bad news is that your slaughter and bloodshed has provided great power to a god that’s rather fond of such things – after all, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows! As a “reward” for your efforts, Khorne has drawn down the Orb Infernia, a gigantic hollow world from the space between realms.

This would be bad enough, were the world not ALSO the floating fortress of none other than Korghos Khul – notorious leader of the Goretide. Across the Realm of Fire, the Orb Infernia descends to war, whipping up the Red Mists and turning battlefields into abattoirs where friend and foe alike butcher one another in frenetic destruction.

If you’re a Chaos player, congratulations! You’ve uncovered a campaign relic for the Darkoath Warqueen’s this week – a nifty option that grants her even more Attacks!

There’s still time to change direction (or, potentially, make them much worse). Here are your choices for confronting this week’s dilemma:

As always, you’ll be able to make your decisions by reporting your battles in your local store and painting complete warscrolls. Don’t miss your chance to shape the fate of the Mortal Realms – check out the Malign Portents website and prepare for the most vicious week of the campaign yet…

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