Posted 03/03/2018

New from Black Library: Death and Druchii

Nagash is back in the Mortal Realms in a big way. He’s building something black and pyramidal in his Realm of Death, his armies are on the march, the Malign Portents are pointing to Death on the rise, and basically, things are looking bleak for anyone not already skeletal. But what of the time before Nagash rose from his slumber once more? That’s what Josh Reynolds explores in today’s new release, Nagash: The Undying King. The tribes of Shyish are under siege from the relentless hordes of the Plague God. The Mortarchs are trying to hold back the tide, but they need their own god…

As well as the hardback edition that you can pre-order now, you can download The Undying King in eBook and MP3 audiobook formats, and pick it up as part of a Nagash eBook Bundle, which touches on various periods of Nagash’s long history, with the three book omnibus The Rise of Nagash by Mike Lee and Josh Reynolds’ End Times novel, The Return of Nagash.

Those Nagash titles in the bundle aren’t the only returning tales from the world-that-was. There’s a brand new collection of Print on Demand titles available for a limited time starting from today – and they star that dark elf rogue that you love to hate, and fear will turn up at the foot of your bed armed with a sword and a wicked grin, Malus Darkblade.

All six books in the fan-favourite series – the first five by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee, the last a saga of the End Times by C L Werner – are back in paperback for just a few weeks, and as a special treat they’re joined by a bumper collection of Dan’s original Darkblade comics that created the character in the first place. (Fun fact: did you know that Darkblade is one of just a handful of characters – alongside Gaunt’s Ghosts and Eisenhorn – to start life in Black Library fiction before making his way to the tabletop?)

As well as the individual volumes, you can pick up all seven in one bundle, the Malus Darkblade Collection, or if you’d rather grab the eBooks of the six novels, you can download the Malus Darkblade eBook Bundle and keep them all on your eReader of choice, as secure as Malus’ soul is in the grip of the daemon Tz’arkan… And whether you go paper or digital, remember that there’s also a Darkblade short story, ‘Bloodwalker’, recently released as an eBook for you to download and enjoy.

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