Posted 13/02/2018

This Week on Warhammer Live

This week on Warhammer Live, we’re looking at the Malign Portents and what they mean for you, diving into the underhive for a look at Gang War 2 and putting the Adeptus Custodes through their paces on the battlefield and your painting table.

The Story So Far with Jes Bickham

We recap the latest lore for Warhammer Age of Sigmar with Jes Bickham, taking a look at how the storyline has progressed in Maggotkin of Nurgle, Legions of Nagash and of course, Malign Portents.

Building your Legion of Nagash

Rules writer and Warhammer Age of Sigmar expert James Gallagher takes us through how budding Death generals can use Battletome: Legions of Nagash to build powerful, thematic army lists of their own.

The Rotterdam Grudge Match

The gauntlet has been thrown – Joep Van Nood and Milan ’t Hooft have travelled from the Netherlands to settle their grudges LIVE on TV – featuring the new Malign Portents rules.

Preview: Gang War 2 – Part 1 with Andy Hoare

Veteran designer and Specialist Games overseer Andy Hoare takes us through the latest Gang War and what it means for YOUR next campaign.

Preview: Gang War 2 – Part 2 with Owen Barnes

We go through the rules of Gang War 2 with the man that wrote them – ideal if you’re looking for some tips and tricks in your upcoming turf war.

Battle: Pumping Iron

Our very own Ceri goes heads to heads with Middle-earth mastermind (and keen Necromunda player!) Adam Troke.

The Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Preview

Find out how Elliot, of the Warhammer World events team, thinks this weekend’s event will go. Which armies will be the movers and shakers? Which forces will we see competing for Best Painted Army? Elliot shares his insights.

Making the most of… Vehicles and Monsters

We look at how you can master the heavier elements of your army in the first of a three-part series.

Fealty, Firepower and Fury

Warhammer TV’s Ceri pits the Adeptus Custodes against Warhammer World’s Ash and his forces of the T’au Empire.

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