Posted 10/02/2018

From Mirrored City to Underhive Depths

Today sees two long-awaited new warbands for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, and a new gang for Necromunda: Underhive, become available to pre-order – hurrah!

In the City of Mirrors, the Chosen Axes and Spiteclaw’s Swarm are joining the fray. The Chosen Axes are Fyreslayers, bound by ancient oath to try to free Shadespire from its curse, and unable to die thanks to the magics that bind them to the city. There are four fighters in the box, moulded in orange plastic and designed to be easy to build without the need for glue. Each of them is a mighty warrior in their own right, and when they hold objectives (and become inspired in the process), they become near impossible to shift. Their unique ploys and objectives – of which there are 29, alongside 31 universal cards – play on this, allowing you to focus on holding objectives, killing your enemies, or – with the right upgrades – both.

By contrast, the skaven of Spiteclaw’s Swarm rely on speed and weight of numbers to overwhelm the foe. The five fighters in the box may not seem like many compared to the Sepulchral Guard, but they have a unique ability to replace dead models with reinforcements who can arrive on any starting hex – including those in enemy territory! This allows them to quickly surround an unwary enemy and pick them off. These tactics can be enhanced with the unique upgrades and ploys in the box, and playing this way can pay dividends with the new skaven objectives. And of course, there are also a host of universal cards, giving every warband new ways to play.

Both of these new warbands are available to pre-order now, along with appropriately themed dice sets and card sleeves for each of them.

They even come with warscrolls that allow you to use the warbands and their leaders in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

The Chosen Axes:

Spiteclaw’s Swarm:

For Necromunda, Houses Goliath and Escher have a new opponent to face – the gangers of House Orlock. These proud warriors blend the speed of the Escher with the brutality of the Goliaths, and bring a load of new weaponry and tactics to the game. The Orlock Gang box contains the parts to build ten gangers, armed with such delights as brutal servo-claws and harpoon launchers, not to mention a plethora of shotguns and stubbers. They may not be subtle, but they’re definitely deadly… As well as the gang box, you can pick up the Orlock Gang Dice Set, and a set of Orlock Gang Tactics Cards, which include unique Orlock Tactics cards, as well as cards that can be used to give new options to any gang.

The rules for the Orlocks can be found in Gang War 2, the new expansion for Necromunda. A 48-page softback book, it’s packed with new content – not just the background and rules for Orlock gangs, but also hired guns, Dramatis Personae and new underhive hazards, not to mention a comprehensive index of all the equipment and skills in the game.

And if you want to represent the hazards in Gang War 2, you can do so easily with the Underhive Badzone Delta-7 set, which adds 9 new board tiles to the game. Each of these is double-sided and includes new dangers for your gangs to tackle, including collapsed corridors, a malfunctioning generatorium, which can prove shocking to your gangers, and even a chamber filled with deadly fungus.

All of these new releases for both Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and Necromunda: Underhive are available to pre-order now from the Games Workshop webstore – check them out and secure yours.

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