Posted 29/01/2018

Malign Portents: Why We Fight

The Malign Portents are spreading across the Mortal Realms, as they usher in the Time of Tribulations. Whichever army you play, you’ve got a stake in the coming wars, and we decided to roundup the reasons each faction might find themselves involved in this growing conflict:

Sigmar and the Stormcast Eternals

Sigmar is sworn never to let the Mortal Realms fall again, and Nagash’s betrayal at the Battle of the Burning Skies still stings. Perhaps this is a chance to bring the Death God to heel for good, or finally unlock the secrets to perfect Reforging…

The Men, Aelves and Duardin of the Free Cities

The refugees who once made their homes in Azyr have managed to carve out the beginnings of new civilisations in the Mortal Realms, wringing some semblance of stability out of the magical landscapes they inhabit. With the Stormcast Eternals stretched thin, men, duardin and aelves must stand shoulder to shoulder and defend their hard-earned territories from the greatest challenge yet.

The Kharadron Overlords

While the Kharadron Overlords have half a mind to head up to the clouds and wait this all out, Death is pretty bad for business – and what if Nagash wants a share of the aether-gold for himself? The best investment appears to be protecting the realms. For now.

The Fyreslayers

The Fyreslayers have made quite a trade for themselves forming contracts with the Free Cities to guard them from those who would see them fall. While Nagash would happily accept the service of any who swore fealty, such arrangements are unlikely to be desirable – or profitable – for the sons of Grimnir.

The Seraphon

Nobody knows what motivates the enigmatic Slann and their celestial soldiers, but they have long protected the Mortal Realms from the threat of Chaos – now, they will make good on their ancient pacts with Sigmar and bring their stellar might to bear against the armies of Death. If along the way they encounter more opportunities to fight against the forces of Chaos, so much the better.

The Sylvaneth

As the servants of Life, the sylvaneth are anathema to Nagash’s sterile, unchanging hordes, and while they hold no love for the mortals who raze their forests and trample through their groves, they will find common cause to stop the Death God from spreading his influence to their fertile groves.

The Ironjawz, Greenskinz and Grots

The lads are very excited. All the ‘umies look like they’re preparing for a Waaagh! or somethin’ – and according to the Fungoid Cave-Shamans (and who’d doubt them?) they all seem to be headed to the same place to fight it out against the dead. This is going to be the best scrap since the Realmgate Wars! Hopefully, even Gordrakk shows up!

The Gutbusters

The Gutbuster Ogors view the Mortal Realms as a pantry of earthly delights, a vast larder filled with the meats of a thousand empires. While the rotting flesh of the dead holds little interest to them, the prospect of the Mortal Realms being consumed by another offends them greatly – and thus their clans descend upon Shyish, to show the bone-men who’s really in charge…

The Beastclaw Raiders

The Beastclaw Raiders have many motivations for joining the battle for Shyish. Some seek to save the realms from annihilation – it’s where they keep all their stuff after all – while others relish the prospect of devouring the strange delicacies of the underworlds…

The Legions of Nagash

The Great Work nears its fruition but is at its most delicate stage – even a small disruption could see countless centuries of plans set back or ruined. The Grand Necromancer has commanded it – let none stand in his way!

The Soulblight Vampires

For time immemorial, the Soulblight have existed on the fringes of mortal society, feeding where they can and conducting their blood rituals in secret. With Nagash’s plan nearing completion, an eternal night awaits where mortals are reminded that they are merely the prey of their betters.

The Nighthaunt

None harbour more hatred for the living than the Nighthaunt, malevolent spirits deeply embittered by their imprisonment in the afterlife. With the Stormcast Eternals descending on Shyish, now is the time to show those privileged storm-forged weaklings what happened to those souls that didn’t get ‘saved’ by the detestable Sigmar…

The Flesh-eater Courts

The noble kings are rallying their men-at-arms. The fair kingdoms of Shyish are under threat from all manner of sources; the Stormcast Eternals seek to trample over their verdant glades and the Chaos Warriors would slay the gentle beasts that roam through them. A crusade has been declared – for justice, for honour, and for Nagash!

The Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness

The Mortal Realms already have one king, and his name is Archaon. Whether the threat comes from Azyr or Shyish makes no difference – all usurpers will kneel, all souls will belong to the Everchosen, and Chaos will reign.


Endless battle and annihilation suits Khorne just fine, and there are plenty of skulls to be had in the Realm of Death, but what Nagash seeks is an end to war itself, glorious combat replaced with the endless march of the undead. The Blood God sends forth his legions to ensure no such vision ever comes to pass.


Nurgle has a workmanlike respect for Nagash – after all, Death has its place in the cycle – but the annihilation of all life would cause the endless dance of decay and renewal to cease, harming Nurgle’s children in the process! The armies of the Plague God descend on Shyish to defend the children of the realms on behalf of their Grandfather – whether they accept him or not.


Few are as horrified as Tzeentch at the future the Malign Portents point to. The Changer of Ways is a god of constant flux and alteration who abhors the very idea of Nagash’s ambition – unchanging, immobile and singular, with no subtlety, nuance or alteration. Throughout the realms, shadowy cults delay their plots and schemes to prepare for this bigger threat….


Trapped somewhere between the Realms, Slaanesh has also had an insight into the dark future that could await the Mortal Realms, and is deliciously tormented by what the visions foretell – for one, it would make escape that much more difficult, and for another, the dominion of Death would just be unbearably dull.

The Beasts of Chaos

The Brayherds and the Warherds despise all civilisation, and the regimented order of Nagash’s kingdoms is particularly repulsive to these naturally anarchic creatures. The woods of Shyish once belonged to the beasts – and it’s long past time for them to belong to the beasts again.


Dead things build Pyramid. Perhaps warpstone is there? Sneak-stab into Shyish and break-smash it. Yes-yes, steal-take it. The Great-Horned Rat will have-keep it all…If you’re looking to get stuck in with Malign Portents, why not join the global muster and begin rallying your armies today?

With so much turmoil and conflict in the Mortal Realms at the moment, there is no shortage of reasons your force might get involved, so join in the worldwide muster for Malign Portents today and prepare for battle!

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