Posted 08/01/2018

Digital Monday – Fyre and Wrath

Today’s Digital Monday is an offering to Grimnir, taking a tale from the Fyreslayers anthology and making it available as a stand-alone eBook for the first time. ‘Four Thousand Days’ by David Guymer follows Dunnegar of Angfyrd Lodge as he embarks upon a dangerous Trial of Wrath. Few survive this quest to connect with Grimnir, and fewer still emerge unscathed. But for those very few, a new destiny awaits as one of the lodge’s Grimwrath Berzerkers. Of course, even if he does survive, more peril awaits as the lodge marches to the aid of an ancient ally, some four thousand days travel away…

Download the story now for deep insights into the Fyreslayers and all-out action in the Mortal Realms. You can grab the eBook from Black Library, iBooks and the Amazon Kindle store.

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