Posted 04/01/2018

New Year, New Army in Middle-earth™

2017 has ended, and we hope you all had as good a time as the Hobbits present at Bilbo Baggins’ birthday party! With that said, the start of a New Year can only mean one thing – the start of a series of brand new hobby projects to accomplish. We caught up with the Middle-earth™ team to find out what hobby projects they are planning on undertaking in 2018.

Jay Clare: This year I fancied setting myself a challenge. I attend quite a few gaming events across the year, and I usually end up taking one of my go-to forces – either Lake-town, Gondor or a mix of Black Guard of Barad-dûr and Orc Warriors. With this in mind, I have decided to challenge myself and put together a force that I have never used before – but as I have been collecting Middle-earth models for quite a long time, there aren’t many forces left that I haven’t got an army of tucked away somewhere.

After much deliberating and discussing within the office, I have finally settled on collecting a small Dale army. I already have Girion painted so, by adding 2 Captains of Dale and about 36 Warriors of Dale I can forge a nice, round 500 point force ready to take to an event later in the year.

Keith Robertson: With the recent release of Battle Companies, I have begun collecting and modelling a Harad Battle Company to join in a campaign here in the office. My first aim is to get the whole company finished, as well as converting up any extra models I need as my company gains equipment, injuries and extra bits of personality as they progress through the campaign.

After I have finished painting my company, I am thinking of expanding it into a fledgeling Haradrim force. I am toying with the idea of adding some extra warriors, heroes and perhaps even a War Mûmak of Harad to be its centrepiece.

Adam Troke: Much like Keith, I too am planning to expand my Battle Company into a much larger force. Having taken my company through the Quest to Fornost campaign, I feel that now is the right time for them to progress to the next level. The first thing I am planning on doing is converting a version of my company’s leader Adelmar onto a horse, that way he can represent a Captain of Rohan™ in my larger games and will stand out as immediately recognisable.

From there, I am planning on adding a bunch of Riders of Rohan, some more Rohan Royal Guard and a selection of Heroes to lead my force. I think that Théoden and Éowyn will be first on my list, but I also quite fancy painting up Éomer as well.

Ben Bailey: Having managed to secure myself a ticket for the upcoming Grand Tournament in February, I have decided to pick myself up a new army in order to try to place as high as possible. Since the release of the Mirkwood Armoured Elves warband, I have been tempted to start my own Mirkwood force, and the Grand Tournament has given me the perfect excuse to do so.

Alongside my Mirkwood Elves, I am planning on having a selection of Mirkwood Rangers led by Tauriel and Legolas, and a smattering of Palace Guard dotted within the ranks. To finish off the army I plan on having Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm, on Elk as my leader, providing my force with a survivable and hard-hitting hero that can lead my Elves into battle.

Well, it sounds like the Middle-earth team are going to have their hands full! We can’t wait to see how their projects progress over the coming months.

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