Posted 30/12/2017

Pride, Faith and Bloodlust: Black Library Releases in January

The last Black Library releases of the year are here, and they are a trio of classic titles in new formats. First up is ‘Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix’, Josh Reynolds’ Primarchs novel focusing on the lord of the Emperor’s Children as he sets out to conquer an entire world with just a handful of companions. Why? To see if he can, mainly, and because pride was a flaw of his long before Slaanesh took his soul. This novel is now available in paperback, eBook and MP3 audiobook formats, so you can grab it right now and discover just how good Fulgrim really is.

Next, we have the paperback of ‘Farsight: Crisis of Faith’, a novel by Phil Kelly about the famed T’au Empire commander’s early encounters with the Imperium of Man. It’s packed with action and drama, and lots of insight into the Greater Good and Farsight’s place within it – and hints at why he turned his back on the Ethereals and their empire to form his own breakaway enclave. The paperback is available to order now, or if you want an instant Farsight fix, the eBook is also available to download.

Finally, another much-loved Warhammer Chronicles trilogy is getting a new paperback edition. ‘Vampire Wars: The von Carstein Trilogy’ is a series by Steven Savile about three generations of the Old World’s most vicious vampires. Following Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred over a span of centuries, the three novels form an epic saga of a bloodline that nearly tore down the Empire. If you’ve never read them, or want to reacquaint yourself, you can order the new paperback or download the eBook now.

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