Posted 28/12/2017

The Middle-earth Team’s Christmas plans

Christmas is a time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and above all cram in some extra hobby time in between the party games and feasts! Ever ones to find an extra few minutes to get some more hobby done, we had a chat with the Middle-earth™ team to find out what they have been up to so far on their Christmas break.

Adam Troke: A few weeks back I appeared on Hang Out and Paint with Peachy and Duncan for Warhammer TV, and began to paint the Heroes of Amon Sûl set that is available from Warhammer World. On the show, I made a good start in painting Aragorn and the four Hobbits, and over Christmas, I intend to get them all finished.

Ben Bailey: I’ve just got my hands on Battle Companies, and over the Christmas period I am planning on putting together a Rohan™ Battle Company for use in our upcoming office campaign. Éowyn has always been one of my favourite characters, and so I am basing the leader of my own company upon Rohan’s favourite Shield Maiden. I will be converting an Éowyn model with a part from the Arwen model and a box of Warriors of Rohan so I can create a worthy hero to lead my company to glory.

Keith Robertson: I have been working on my Harad Battle Company, and over Christmas, I will be working on its leaders. I have pinched some of the elaborate back banners from other kits for them – some have been given the back banner found on the back of the Harad commander in the War Mûmak of Harad box; others have been given the back banners from the Haradrim Raiders kit. This way I can easily distinguish where my heroes are at a moment’s notice.

Jay Clare: I have set myself a small painting challenge over Christmas – although it is all super-secret and I can’t go into much detail on what it is. However, the picture below may give some clues as to what it is I am working on…

Exciting stuff! Hopefully, the Middle-earth team will be able to finish their Christmas projects before they inevitably get distracted by the abundance of Hobbity treats over the festive period! We will have to check back in with them in the New Year to see how they have got on.

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