Posted 24/12/2017

Black Library Advent Calendar Roundup 2017

The Black Library Advent Calendar reaches its conclusion with today’s tale, and what a fantastic collection of stories it’s been. A couple of weeks ago, we did a quick roundup of the first half of the releases, and now that it’s all over, we’ll see what the back half had to offer.

Day 13’s ‘Callis and Toll: The Old Ways’ was a good old-fashioned murder mystery in the marshes, with a sinister plot and a pair of valiant heroes determined to bring the killer to light. Day 14, by contrast, was all about the shadows as ‘Malcador: First Lord of the Imperium’ sat by the side of a dying friend and told her sinister truths – unless they were outrageous lies, of course! Action was the order of Day 15, as Cadian Shock Troops took part in ‘The Battle of Markgraaf Hive’, using the quiet moments between firefights to reflect on their place in the Imperium since the loss of their world.

On Day 16, a Stormcast Eternal found himself in ‘A Place of Reflection’. Lost and alone, was he able to reunite with his comrades, or was he claimed by the City of Mirrors? Day 17 delved into the psyche of Primaris Space Marines, as a Chaplain heard a startling tale in ‘A Brother’s Confession’. The Relictors returned on Day 18, as the shadowy Space Marines encountered a master of subterfuge and secrets in ‘The Rage of Asmodai’.

Day 19 brought us a story of a knight of the Realm of Life in a new instalment in the Eight Lamentations series, ‘The Tainted Axe’. Another series continued on Day 20, with a Rise of the Ynnari story, ‘Fireheart’, which saw the warriors of Saim-Hann join Yvraine’s holy quest. And Day 21 was back in the Mortal Realms, as the Blood Queen Neferata attended a deadly ball in ‘The Dance of the Skulls’.

There were plenty of skulls on Day 22 as well (they’re the Warhammer equivalent of Christmas tree baubles, we think) in ‘Konrad Curze: A Lesson in Darkness’, a tale of a planet brought to Imperial Compliance in the bloodiest way possible. Day 23 was quieter, as ‘The Board is Set’ saw Malcador the Sigillite playing a game with the Emperor Himself, a game that could determine the way the Siege of Terra plays out… And finally, today’s story returns to Shadespire once more, as an aelven prince seeks the remains of one of the famed Kataphrons… but for what purpose?

Any of these stories that pique your interest can be downloaded individually, or you can treat yourself to an early Christmas present and get them all in the Advent Calendar Collection, which brings together all 24 in a single download, for the price of just 15 – a bargain whichever way you look at it.

Advent may be over, but there are still treats to come, as tomorrow and Tuesday both see digital premieres of new novels – join us tomorrow to find out what the first one is!

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