Posted 19/12/2017

This Week on Warhammer Live

For our last week of programming before 2018, we’ve got all sorts of fun in store, including the Specialist Games and Forge World Christmas Party and a grudge match between two Warhammer TV regulars…

With Phil Kelly

Before we go on our Christmas holidays, we’ve got a very special Hang Out and Paint for you tonight. None other than master lore writer, Warhammer legend and all round great bloke Phil Kelly will be joining Peachy and Duncan for some quality chat (and a spot of painting, too!) What’s more, we’re making the first three episodes of Hang Out and Paint absolutely free over our break, perfect if you’re looking for something to keep you company while you build or paint but didn’t get to catch the broadcasts live.

The Worlds of Warhammer

Erik Mogensen from our Licensing team talks to us about enjoying Warhammer off the tabletop – from merchandise to video games.

Battletome Analysis: Kharadron Overlords

Rob Crouchley, of Around the Realms in 80 Games fame, analyses Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s most enterprising army.

The Warhammer Live Invitational: Disciples of Tzeentch vs Fyreslayers

Tony Moore puts his skills with Tzeentch to the test against Adrian McWalter’s Fyreslayers in the last game before the Grand Final of the Invitational.

The Forge World and Specialist Games Christmas Party

Tony and some of the Forge World and Specialist Games team join us for a look back on the last year. There may even be some mince pies…

Necromunda with Peachy and Duncan

Old friendship turns to bitter rivalry as our favourite painters engage in some ultraviolence in the underhive.

White Dwarf: The Year in review

Matt Keefe looks back at an awesome year for White Dwarf, starting with the dramatic reveals in January of Roboute Guilliman himself.

Narrative Gaming 101

Duncan and Peachy are keen narrative gamers, and here, they’ll share their top tips on creating exciting stories on the tabletop.

Grudge Match

Warhammer TV’s Dan will go head to head with Warhammer TV’s Martin in our last battle of the year!

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