Posted 01/11/2017

New Books at the Black Library Weekender

February is here! Sort of. Another month’s worth of forthcoming Black Library titles are revealed, and there’s all sorts of excitement in there: Eisenhorn! Lukas the Trickster! Imperial Knights! Harlequins! But you don’t have to wait until February to get your hands on fantastic new stories… because there’ll be loads (and we mean loads) available at the Black Library Weekender.

Later this month, Black Library fans from across the world will descend on Nottingham’s Belfry Hotel for two full days of Warhammer-y goodness, packed with seminars, signings, evening entertainment and oh so many books. Let’s take a look at the pre-release titles you’ll be able to pick up at the event.

First up is Dan Abnett’s ‘The Warmaster’. The special edition of this long-awaited new Gaunt’s Ghosts novel (which includes an exciting array of added bonuses) will premiere at the event, and Dan will be on hand to talk about it. If you can’t wait though, you can see a half hour interview about the book, including a reading from it, here.

The new editions of the first two Gaunt’s Ghosts omnibuses – ‘The Founding’ and ‘The Saint’ – will also be available, perfect for catching up on the series before digging into ‘The Warmaster’, or for revisiting old friends (don’t get too attached though – Dan does love to kill those characters).

You’ll also be able to pick up the next book in the Horus Heresy series a month early. ‘Old Earth’, by Nick Kyme, continues Vulkan’s story, as he sets his sights on Terra, and undertakes a difficult and dangerous journey to the cradle of humanity.

Back in the 41st Millennium, there’s plenty to look forward to. The brand new Space Marine Conquests series begins with ‘The Devastation of Baal’, in which Guy Haley tells the full story of the tyranid invasion of the Blood Angels’ home world, as hinted at in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Gav Thorpe continues the series with ‘Ashes of Prospero’, a Space Wolves novel tying into some of his Horus Heresy work, which takes Njal Stormcaller all the way to the Thousand Sons’ original home in search of a cure to the ills that have befallen the sons of Russ.

There’s more Space Marine action too, with ‘Deathwatch: The Omnibus’, a truly huge collection of three novels and a dozen short stories telling tales of alien-hunting and xenos-slaying by the Imperium’s black-clad finest. And yet another type of black-armoured Adeptus Astartes take flight in ‘The Geld’, an audio drama by George Mann exploring the Raven Guard descendants of the Shadowmasters, the Heresy-era warriors who could turn invisible.

‘The Geld’ is just one of four new audio dramas you can get your hands on at the Weekender. ‘Renegades of Elysia’ is the second in Chris Dows’ trilogy about Elysian Sergeant Zachariah, ‘Heirs of the Laughing God: A Deadly Wit’ is a Gav Thorpe-penned tale of Harlequins, and ‘Corsair: The Face of the Void’ sees James Swallow return to audio with a story of a Rogue Trader and a mysterious discovery in the depths of space.

Speaking of Rogue Traders, the aptly titled ‘Rogue Trader: The Omnibus’ collects together Andy Hoare’s classic novels about Lucian Gerrett, who plies the Eastern Fringe trying to redeem his family’s reputation and ends up entangled with the emerging T’au Empire. The omnibus also includes ‘Savage Scars’, a tale of full-on war between the blue-skinned aliens and the White Scars.

Also set on the Eastern Fringe, ‘Fabius Bile: Clonelord’, the second book in Josh Reynolds’ Fabius Bile series, sees the master genetic manipulator drawn to the world of Solemnace where sinister secrets await him…

Last up are a pair of Warhammer Chronicles omnibuses, bringing together tales from the World That Was in massive new editions. Gav Thorpe’s ‘The Sundering’ is one of the stories that underpins the entire Warhammer mythos, telling the origins of Malekith (now known in the Mortal Realms as Malerion, Lord of Shadows) and the first war of the elves. ‘Vampire Wars’, meanwhile, brings gothic horror to the heart of the Empire, as Steven Savile delves into the history of the von Carsteins, focusing on three of their notable luminaries – Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred – and the centuries of war they brought to the Old World.

If all of that has made you hungry to get to the Weekender and pick up some of these exciting new titles, you’re in luck – there are still a few tickets available. Pick yours up now, check out the event timetable and plan your weekend – and we’ll see you there!

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