Posted 28/10/2017

The Last Hunt, Cult of the Warmason, The Rise of Nagash

Something old, something new, something collected and lots of death await you in this week’s Black Library releases. Let’s jump right in and see what’s on offer!

‘The Last Hunt’ is a brand new White Scars novel by Robbie “Red Tithe” MacNiven. It focuses on the previously unexplored 4th Company of the Chapter, headed by Joghaten Khan, as they speed to the defence of a White Scars recruiting world when it comes under attack by the monstrous alien Tyranids. But more is at play on the planet, as mysterious enemies and unexpected allies change the tactical situation and imperil not just the company, but the whole planet. ‘The Last Hunt’ is available to order now in hardback and eBook formats.

Meanwhile, C L Werner’s Sisters of Battle novel ‘Cult of the Warmason’ returns, this time in paperback. The novel is set on Lubentina, one of the Imperium’s holiest worlds. Dedicated to Warmason Vadok Singh, who aided Rogal Dorn in reinforcing the Imperial Palace during the Horus Heresy, the planet is home to great towering monuments and cathedrals – and a nasty Genestealer Cult that’s been building for generations. As it bursts into deadly life, it falls to the Adepta Sororitas to purge the unclean and restore the Imperial Faith –  but with numberless enemies and billions of pilgrims to protect, is their task impossible? Get your hands on the new paperback (or download the eBook) and find out.

And finally, the origin story of the God of Death is collected in paperback for the first time in years. ‘The Rise of Nagash’ by Mike Lee is a new Warhammer Chronicles omnibus bringing together the classic trilogy that showcases Nagash’s mortal life (yes, he was a man once!) and his rise to power. It covers the fall of the Old Kingdoms, the creation of the first vampires and ghouls, war with the skaven and much more besides – and it’s a compelling portrait of the lengths a man will go to for immortality and power – and of the cost. Get it in paperback and eBook formats now.

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