Posted 28/10/2017

Save Money on Your Middle-earth Army

Building your Middle-earth army is about to get easier, thanks to a range of money-saving new sets. Each of these combines several kits previously available separately.

The Lake-town Guard Warband and Lake-town Militia Warband boxed sets each contain 4 Spearmen, Bowmen and Swordsmen, for a total of 12 models but for far less than you’d pay buying them separately – on average, you’ll be saving around 30%!

Meanwhile, the Gundabad Orc Warband set contains 6 Spearmen and 6 Swordsmen. This kit combines fantastically with the Gundabad Orc Upgrade Set, meaning you’ll be able to pick up these deadly warriors in bulk while making sure they look varied and interesting.

The Lake-town Guard and Militia sets are available right now online or in your local store, while you can pre-order the Gundabad Orc Warband today. If you don’t collect Azog’s Legion or Lake-town, worry not! More warbands may well be on the way…

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