Posted 18/10/2017

New covers revealed

Some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a few previously unseen Black Library covers sneaked out onto the internet last week, causing much excitement. Well, we at Warhammer Community are here for you, and so we’ve collected together some of our favourites, and we’ve even sneaked into the Black Library offices to take a look at the stories so we can give you an idea of what they’re about.

First up is ‘Soul Wars’, a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel by Josh Reynolds. Though this cover isn’t final, it’s a good one, with the Lord of Undeath himself brooding on his throne. But what could be happening inside the covers? Well, it seems that after his involvement in the Realmgate Wars, Nagash has finally decided to reopen old wounds and start up his feud with Sigmar again, and the dead wage war on the living once more…

We’d suggest that you prepare for this by experiencing Sigmar’s attempts to broker an alliance with Nagash in ‘The Hunt for Nagash’ audio dramas and the Realmgate Wars novel ‘Lord of Undeath’.

Meanwhile, in the 41st Millennium, Phil Kelly is waging a ‘War of Secrets’. With a title and art like that, it could only be the Dark Angels involved, couldn’t it…? It seems that this novel will show us how the sons of the Lion get on with the Primaris Space Marines, as this tale is set in the Dark Imperium, and sees the Dark Angels battling the resurgent T’au Empire in the shadow of the Great Rift.

You can catch up with the Dark Angels in Gav Thorpe’s Legacy of Caliban series, and Robbie MacNiven’s ‘Legacy of Russ’, and if you want to check out more Space Marine Conquests, ‘The Devastation of Baal’ is another story set in the aftermath of the Gathering Storm, and will be available first at the Black Library Weekender.

Of course, the Primarchs series will be getting some new instalments as well, notably Chris Wraight’s second entry in the series, ‘Jaghatai Khan: The Warhawk of Chogoris’, which features a seriously brooding take on the Khan. We’ve seen Chris write about the Khan of Khans in the Horus Heresy itself (in ‘Scars’ and ‘The Path of Heaven’), but now we go back to the Great Crusade, and the birth of the Librarius program. The White Scars, with their own unique form of warrior-mysticism, have no truck with warpcraft – so how will the Khan react to the Space Marine Legions using psykers? Not well, we’d guess…

The first five volumes in the Primarchs series are available now, and the sixth, starring Fulgrim, will be out this Friday.

There’s more Josh Reynolds too, as he’s written a novel starring everyone’s favourite Space Wolves mischief maker. The aptly titled ‘Lukas the Trickster’ follows on from Josh’s previous tales starring the Fenrisian troublemaker (the short story ‘A Trick of the Light’ and audio drama ‘The Art of Provocation’) and promises serious mayhem as the Drukhari land on Fenris itself and Lukas finds himself up against a foe who may be a match for him – the villainous Duke Sliscus.

As well as these headline titles, there are loads of classic novels returning in mighty, bookcase-threatening omnibus editions. There will be more Warhammer Chronicles, including the Ulrika the Vampire trilogy, the War of Vengeance and the Witch Hunter saga, as well as a first collection of the Realmgate Wars books from the Age of Sigmar. And for Warhammer 40,000, Commissar Yarrick, the War for Armageddon (which we reckon Yarrick might just play a part in) and the Servants of the Machine God are all getting omnibuses too.

You’ll see all of these titles hitting shelves in 2018 – and until then, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Check out the latest releases and what’s coming soon on the Black Library website now.

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