Posted 06/10/2017

Firestorm: Matched Play Rules Update

Since the release of Firestorm, lots of you have been in touch with your thoughts and questions on how these new rules interact with matched play games. Most of you had some great points (maybe there *is* something a little frustrating about a Vanguard Wing instantly surrounding one’s army before crushing them on a 5+) which has helped the Studio make two tweaks to the Great Cities allegiance abilities and ensure they work as originally intended and are better balanced for competitive play.

The Great Cities allegiance abilities are still legal for matched play and still don’t cost any points. The only change is that you won’t be able to stack the allegiance abilities from Firestorm with any others apart from the Grand Allegiance abilities. For instance, a force of Dispossessed could either choose the Dispossessed allegiance abilities from the General’s Handbook 2017 OR the Order allegiance abilities and the Hammerhal allegiance abilities. They could not take the Dispossessed and Hammerhal allegiance abilities together.

The armies of the Great Cities were always meant to represent the combined strength of the vast diaspora of the Mortal Realms working together to use advanced strategies, rather than simply providing free bonuses to already-established factions. This means you’ll be rewarded for taking a lore-appropriate, thematic force.

We’re also lifting the painting restrictions on using these allegiance abilities. You’re now free to use the Firestorm rules for the Great Cities with colour schemes and cities of your own invention, so get creative! Our Free Cities generation tables are a great place to start, and we’ve just published some of our favourite armies from around the office to inspire your own creations.

The only restriction on painting is that an army that has been specifically painted to represent one Great City cannot use the rules of another – so a force wearing the colours of Hallowheart, for instance, couldn’t use the rules of Anvilgard, and vice versa.

These rules also apply to other factions with specific heraldry. For example, you could use the rules for Barak-Zilfin with a Kharadron Skyport of your own invention, but you couldn’t use them with an army painted in the colours of Barak-Urbaz.

And that’s it!

Thanks to all of you who dropped us a note about Firestorm, and remember you can always talk to us directly over on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

Happy gaming

– Warhammer Community Team

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