Posted 23/09/2017

Prepare for Firestorm: Pre-order Today

Rally your armies. Conquer the Realm of Fire. Build an empire. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Firestorm is now available to pre-order, bringing map-based campaigns to the Mortal Realms, alongside new allegiance abilities for every Grand Alliance.

Firestorm is a game of grand strategy and mighty empires in the Mortal Realms. You and up to 3 other players will compete for dominance in the Realm of Fire. You’ll be able to build an empire of your own – developing your territories with buildings and upgrades that add powerful bonuses to your army in the game. For narrative gamers, this is your chance to write stories on a truly epic scale, while fans of competitive play will find Firestorm offers a new layer of strategy and challenges.

Inside the Firestorm set, you’ll find everything you need to start your own campaigns. As well as the campaign map itself, there are stickers, markers, tokens and cards to help you keep track of your empire – all of these can be re-used time and time again, meaning if you particularly enjoyed one campaign, you can kick off another one straight away!

As well as the game, there are also new rules and background. Firestorm continues the story of the Season of War, looking at the Great Cities of the Mortal Realms – where they are, who lives in them, and how they fight. If you find a Great City you particularly like, there are even 10 new allegiance abilities designed to represent the various forces battling in the Realm of Fire.

Starting your own Great Cities army is easy thanks to three new boxed sets. Each of these is absolutely packed with models, specially chosen to give you a great selection of units to start your army with, and you’ll save some money compared to buying them separately too. Finally, each boxed set contains allegiance rules – you won’t even need to get Firestorm to use them in your games!

Due to a production error, there’s a small mistake in the Tempest’s Eye rulesheet, but worry not – we’re releasing a downloadable PDF designed to ensure that you can use all the awesome models in your box with the Tempest’s Eye allegiance abilities.

The Realm of Fire is yours to conquer – pre-order Firestorm and the Armies of the Great Cities boxed sets today.

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