Posted 16/09/2017

Servants of the God-Emperor

This weekend sees a pair of releases from Black Library shedding light on some of the Imperium’s foremost defenders in the age of the Dark Imperium.

Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor’s Legion’ pulls back the curtain on the protectors of the Throneworld itself, as the Custodian Guard and the Sisters of Silence take the spotlight. When Terra faces the gravest threat it has experienced in millennia – a host of daemons determined to tear the heart from the Imperium – it falls to these deadly warriors to defend the Emperor and all that he built. The novel is written by Chris Wraight, who is no stranger to the Imperial Palace, having written a tale of intrigue and adventure set there in ‘The Carrion Throne’, and this promises to be another fitting exploration of all that Terra has to offer.

The Emperor’s Legion’ is available to order now in hardback, or to download straight away in eBook and MP3 audiobook formats (you can also get the latter in the Black Library audio app), or if you fancy something, well, fancy, you can get the lavish special edition. This glorious artefact features bespoke artwork on a decorative leather-effect hardcover, and inside you’ll find marker ribbons, an introduction by Chris and a bonus short story! Chris has hand-signed each copy, of which there are just 1,000 available. You can only get this special edition from the Black Library website, and we suspect it’ll sell fast, so you’d better hurry!

What if you just have to own the special edition, but don’t want to wait to read the story? We’ve got you covered, with a bundle offer – buy the special edition and get the eBook half price, ready to download and read while you wait for your fancy pants books to arrive and take pride of place on your shelf.

Also out this weekend is ‘Eye of Night’, an audio drama by Gav Thorpe featuring the Inquisition. You may remember this from Audio Week a few months ago, where it was released in three instalments – well now it’s available as a single MP3, as well as on CD. It stars Inquisitor Greyfax, one of the newer agents of the Inquisition to be introduced to Warhammer 40,000, as she is tasked by Roboute Guilliman with recovering an ancient and deadly artefact being used by the forces of Chaos to further their infernal schemes. Her quest will unite her with an inquisitor long thought dead, and pit her against one of the founders of her order, now a servant of darkness…Download ‘Eye of Night’ now from and the Audio App, or order the CD – perhaps along with your copy of ‘The Emperor’s Legion’. Both of these titles will start shipping next week.

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