Posted 25/08/2017

Martin’s Eldritch Council

It’s over a year ago now since I built and painted my Eldritch Council army. When I saw them as a faction entry in the General’s Handbook with leaders and battleline units, I knew that this army was for me. The Dragon Mages and infantry are all finesse units. If used well, then you can get the win, but make a mistake and you could be punished.

While I entered it into Armies on Parade it was, first and foremost, a tournament army. I took it to The Warlords, which was the first matched play event held at Warhammer World using the 2016 General’s Handbook. This was my tournament army:

  • Archmage on Dragon (360)
  • Drakeseer (340)
  • Loremaster (100)
  • 3 units of 20x Swordmasters (1200)

It came out at exactly 2000 points and I won 3 games and lost 3, so it did alright.

With the release of the General’s Handbook 2017, I was excited to revisit the force and see what difference the new book made.

The first thing to look at was the points changes. Both the dragon riders had come down 40 points a piece for a savings of 80 points. The biggest impact was the reduction in Swordmasters who came down by 20 points per ten warriors. However, if I was to change the configuration of my units to 30/20/10 then I could take advantage of the massive regiment rules and save a total of 180 points on the Swordmasters compared to my original list. Added to the 80 saved on Heroes and I have 260 points to spend.

There was only one option for me and that was the Archmage, this was the only unit from the Eldritch Council I didn’t have in my army and so that would fill out all the choices. His spell allows models in range to ignore wounds or mortal wounds on a 6+. If I advance with him in the centre of the field, it will be a force multiplier for my whole army.

As I am sure you know by now, one of the great features of the General’s Handbook 2017 is the introduction of allies. This means that I can choose from a selection of factions and add units to my army whilst still keeping the Eldritch Council allegiance.

The army lacked a ranged threat and I wanted to fill that gap. I had lots of options for allies, but the best one point for point was the Knight-Venator from the Stormcast Eternals. He is fast moving allowing me to get him where he’s needed. He has a small footprint, which, combined with the move, will mean I can usually keep him in cover for a 2+ save. He also has the firepower to match a unit of ranged troops and a special one-off attack which can kill an enemy hero or monster. He will also work well with my Loremaster, whose spell would let him re-roll hit and wound rolls for the all important Star-fated Arrow.

With these two models added and the unit configuration changed the army looked like this:

  • Archmage on Dragon (320)
    – Inspiring
  • Drakeseer (300)
    – Quicksilver Potion
  • Loremaster (100)
  • Archmage (120)
  • 30x Swordmasters (480)
  • 20x Swordmasters (360)
  • 10x Swordmasters (180)
  • Knight Venator (120)

It came to 1980 points and left me the chance at a Triumph. Overall, I am very happy with the list, the ability to take allies means I can fill the strategic gaps in my army while the changes in points allows me to add the hugely beneficial Archmage.

I can’t wait to get it on the tabletop!

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