Posted 20/08/2017

Advice for working with Citadel Creeping Vines

With the Citadel Creeping Vines now available at your local store and online, we’re sure you’re raring to get started with your own projects.

We want to make sure that the Creeping Vines work as well for you as possible, and we’ve got some important tips on the best ways to use them:

1) Use Super Glue

While the Citadel Vines are made of plastic, they’re not made of the same plastic as our other Citadel miniatures, and your plastic glue won’t work properly on them. Instead, you should use Citadel Super Glue to attach them to your models.

2) Choose your attachment points carefully

When you’ve found the perfect placement for your vines after a couple of test fits, you’ll want to pick the best points to attach them to the model in question. We recommend glueing on unbent areas of the vines, as applying glue to areas where the vine is stressed can cause damage. The roots and the leaves are perfect for this!

As always, the ever-helpful Duncan is on hand with a guide on getting the most out of your Creeping Vines:

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