Posted 11/08/2017

Starting with Skirmish: A Brayherd’s Tale – Part 2

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish pits elite warbands against one another in the Mortal Realms, and is great if you fancy a quick burst of action with only a handful of models. Warhammer Community writer Rhuairidh has decided to prove once and for all the superiority of both the Brayherds, and his own skills as a player, in a friendly league pitting the Warhammer Community team against one another in a weekly series of Skirmish battles. Will he succeed? Will he rise to the top of the league? Is he writing this introduction in the third person? Read on:

Rhuairidh: The campaign was beginning to gather momentum, but I wasn’t.

This was a disaster. I was not doing tremendously well. Since our first game, Andy and I had played a good few more; the first, to see if his win was a fluke, the subsequent five being increasingly desperate efforts by me to reclaim my pride. Top tip, Skirmish fans: Flesh-eater Courts make for a pretty powerful warband.

The worst thing about each loss is that afterwards, Andy would calmly and patiently autopsy my incompetence. These post-match analyses ranged from the informative – “Keep your ranged troops further back” – to the blunt – “Stop getting smashed”.

Andy provides some sage advice.

If I was to reclaim my top spot on the ladder, I was going to have to deploy some lateral thinking. I pored over Battletomes and tacticas, I rolled dice and crunched numbers, and I weighed up the merits of each individual unit available to Chaos. Finally, my plan was ready.

I would find someone inexperienced at the game, then, under the auspices of being helpful, beat them. [Editor’s note: Isn’t he sweet? I’m sure karma will have nothing to say about this… – Sarah]

It’s (perhaps unsurprisingly) difficult to find someone in the Warhammer Community office who doesn’t play. Jon volunteered to join in. I tentatively agreed. He showed me his warband – a collection of beautifully converted Freeguild Guard – and displayed alarming tactical knowledge of the game. I tentatively postponed our game. Finally, I settled on an unsuspecting volunteer – Maddy, our master artworker. Maddy had, until our game, never played Warhammer Age of Sigmar before, and therefore would be perfect. Even if she lost, we could grab a couple of drinks from Bugman’s and I could sagely teach her about the game while, in a gentle and parochial fashion, I destroyed her warband. It would be like the bit in every martial arts movie where the wise sensei harmlessly deflects the blows of his student.

We got our warbands set up and I ran Maddy through the basics of the rules. On my corner of the table were a Bray Shaman, 6 Ungor Raiders and 5 Bestigors, while on Maddy’s side, there were 2 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows and a Branchwych. Ah, I thought, she’s terribly outnumbered. This is going to be easy. And so we set about playing.

Maddy demonstrated both a surprising strategic acuity during the game and unsurprising artistic nous when updating the ladder after the game:

Turns out Kurnoth Hunters are not as fragile as their spindly, fey appearance would suggest. I resignedly bought a box of Bullgors. If I couldn’t do this through deception, I would have to do it through brute force!

Next week: Rhuairidh makes one final effort to win a single game in the campaign he organised.

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