Posted 01/08/2017

Warhammer Live Schedule: August 2nd to August 4th

New codexes, campaigns and plenty of carnage – here’s your schedule for another exciting week on Warhammer TV.

Starting the week, on Wednesday, we’ve got a game at 2:00 pm between James’ Ironjawz and Natalie’s Sylvaneth. James has been something of a fixture on Warhammer TV of late – we’ll see if his tactical skill with his Sons of Guilliman translates into some brutal kunnin’ for his Orruks. Later in the day, at 6:00 pm we’ll be continuing the Path to Glory campaign with a showdown between Nick and Robs Kharadron Overlords in a civil war between the denizens of Barak Zilfin. Nick’s army was one of the most powerful in the Skirmish Campaign and, with a newly added Arkanaut Frigate, we’ll see if it’s enough to settle his grudges with Rob following their last game.

On Thursday at 2:30 pm, we’ll be talking to White Dwarf editor Matt Keefe about the iconic official magazine of the hobby and what you can expect in next month’s issue – with loads of great new stuff to get your hands on, including painting guides, battle reports and more, you won’t want to miss your first look. At 4:00 pm we’ll be catching up with the Specialist Games Studio and Forge World, talking to Tony Cottrell about Blood Bowl and beyond.

We’re kicking off our games on Friday with one of the most epic battles ever to appear on Warhammer TV. Simon Grant from the Design Studio is bringing an army of 20 Space Wolves Heroes to bear against 20 gigantic Tyranid monsters commanded by Phil Kelly. Whoever wins, it’s going to be worth a watch – tune it at 2:00 pm to catch the action.

Finally, the week will be finishing with a preview of both the new codexes. Community writer Rhuairidh will be pitting the Black Legion against Ben’s Grey Knights. If you want to check out some of the new Stratagems, psychic powers and other powerful tactical options available in the new codexes, then you’ll want to see this game, starting at 6:00 pm.

It’s going to be a great week – get it all for free on Twitch, or subscribe and watch it whenever you like!

Note: All times are UK time (BST)

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