Posted 25/07/2017

Soaring to Victory in Path to Glory: Nick’s Warband

If you’ve ever posted to our Facebook page, chances are you’ve spoken to Nick, who combines a deep knowledge of the hobby with a well-stocked arsenal of quips and a seemingly endless supply of patience. Nick first started his Kharadron Overlords for our Skirmish campaign, and is taking his force into Path to Glory – we caught up to find out how he’s expanding his fledgeling collection.

Nick: I’ve been more than a little obsessed with Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish in the last few weeks, having played in no fewer than three campaigns amongst friends and fellow members of the Warhammer Community team, my Kharadron Overlords bringing fiery, pistol-based ruin to many a scurvy land-lubber.

I had only ever intended to build a force for Skirmish; the idea of building and painting a whole army of these beautiful miniatures was a little intimidating. So I set upon the much smaller, more achievable, idea of painting an Admiral and an Arkanaut Company. I lavished attention on them, as I only had twelve models to paint.

As the Skirmish campaign went on, I slowly painted more models as I gained more Renown, and by the end of the last week, I have, without realising it, painted quite a sizable force! With an Admiral, an Endrinmaster, two Arkanaut Companies and a unit of Skywardens finished, my dream of owning a whole army of Kharadron Overlords, which I had previously given up on, was now practically realised.

But what next? I had so enjoyed the Skirmish experience, getting to know my models really well though gaming with them time and time again. Historically, I’ve always insisted on only ever playing with painted models. That had meant I would often paint an army for months before it saw action on the table. My Ultramarines, for example, didn’t fire their first boltgun in anger for over three months after I started the army. Now here I was, playing games with a fully painted force a mere fortnight in. Now I just needed something to push me to take that next step.

Up stepped Path to Glory at just the right time: the perfect next step on from Skirmish for someone collecting an army. Designed for small scale armies to start with, Path to Glory allows a player to build a force over time while playing games as they go. That sounded right up my street. With my Skirmish force painted, all I will need to paint up is an Arkanaut Frigate, and I will be ready to play. In other words, Path to Glory has given me a great excuse to finally take the plunge and commit to painting one of the mighty Skyvessels.

This will categorically be the biggest “miniature” I have painted in a very long time; it’s currently all assembled in multiple parts, ready to spray and paint! I can’t wait to have this mighty model ready for the battlefield. Luckily for me, hobby guru Duncan Rhodes is also painting a Frigate at the same time, so I’ve been sneaking a look over his shoulder for the odd tip! The question is… which one of us can finish it first? I sense a hobby challenge!

You’ll notice, I’ve built the Frigate in multiple sub-assemblies. This is to ensure I can paint it much more easily and then assemble it once it’s done. Check out Duncan’s great guide on painting a Grundstok Gunhauler to see what I’m talking about.

I can’t wait to get involved in this campaign; I’m really enjoying the nuanced tactical challenges of Warhammer Age of Sigmar while at the same time building an army slowly. With the kind of hobbyist I am, Skirmish and Path to Glory could well have been designed just for me. To the skies!

You can start your own Path to Glory campaign by picking up the book today, either online or in your local store.

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