Posted 15/07/2017

For the Glory of the Emperor!

This weekend’s new release from Black Library is a mammoth one – a huge omnibus of no fewer than three Astra Militarum novels and three short stories! ‘Glory Imperialis’ collects together a trio of classic novels showcasing the very best of the Imperial Guard battling mankind’s foes across a variety of war zones.

Imperial Glory’ by Richard Williams features the Brimlock Dragoons as they struggle to clear an ork Waaagh! from a world that rightly belongs to the Emperor’s servants.

Andy Hoare’s ‘Commissar’ focuses on the Vostroyan 77th, a regiment blighted by failure and assigned to root out treachery on a prison planet. Can the newly assigned Commissar Flint return them to honour and victory?

Finally, ‘Iron Guard’ by Mark Clapham stars – unsurprisingly – the Mordian Iron Guard, deployed to a mining world where a mysterious affliction and alien raiders plague the populace.

As well as the novels, ‘Glory Imperials’ contains three short stories further exploring the battles of the Astra Militarum, including a two-part tale by Mark Clapham based on background from the classic Warhammer 40,000 supplement Apocalypse, and a story of the brave Sergeant Zachariah of the Elysian Drop Troops, written by Chris Dows.

The omnibus is available to download now from Black Library, iBooks and the UK Kindle store, and you can also order the (massive) paperback, ready to start shipping next week.

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