Posted 11/07/2017

Nick Bayton’s Warband: Jayssonn and the Arkanauts

Nick Bayton has been one of the most active players in our Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish campaign, bringing his Kharadron Overlords to bear against a range of forces, including James Karch’s Ironjawz, Chris Peach’s Daughters of Khaine and Duncan Rhodes’ Champions of Order. Combining years of hobby expertise, skill as a gamer, and a deep and abiding love of puns, Nick’s warband is particularly cool – and today, we’re taking a closer look at his treasure-hungry privateers.

Nick Bayton’s Jaysson and the Arkanauts

Hailing from the mighty skyport of Barak-Zilfin, the Windswept City, Admiral Jayssonn leads his Arkanuat Company into the desolate and deserted streets of Shadespire, searching for the treasures that lie beneath, hoping to return with precious artefacts to sell for profit.

I wanted a Kharadron Overlords force as soon as I saw the miniatures earlier this year; the imagery of these techno-Duardin, sailing above the mortal realms, their ships bristling with cannons, was too much for me to resist. I knew I wanted an army of the diminutive fellows, but with so many great miniatures coming out at the same time (Roboute Guilliman naturally distracted me!), I never got round to actually starting a force.

Then Skirmish arrived. It was the chance to paint a really small number of models and experience some great games with specific scenarios. When the studio campaign, Treasures of the Katophranes, was announced, I threw my big bronze top hat into the ring and signed up. But what to take?

With 50 Renown to spend from the outset, I could take any of the heroes available to the Kharadron Overlords. I decided on an Admiral because, well, he’s almost unkillable and dishes out serious damage.

After that, I filled up the rest of the warband with Arkanauts – my favourite models of the Kharadron Overlords range. These guys are so great to build and paint, and with only 11 of them in my starting warband, I could really take my time on them, spending perhaps as much time on 11 Duardin as I would on two or three units in any other army. I mounted them on the Shattered Dominion bases, which I added texture to (a great idea I got from fellow campaign player James Karch), and once I had named them all (in reference to one of my favourite movies…)  they were ready for their first battle.

Over the course of the Treasures of the Katophranes campaign, I have earned enough Renown to hire another four Arkanauts and my Edrinmaster, Acastus, who is there as a great backup hero, dishing out terrifying damage with his Aethermight Hammer.

I have fallen in love with Skirmish – it’s one of my favourite ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Games are quick, but tactically challenging, and it lets you play with a new army after only painting a few models. My plan is to paint up the last 5 Arkanuat Company still on my painting desk, and perhaps a  few Skyvessels, and I will have a fledgling Kharadron Overlords force for regular games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Seriously, try Skirmish for yourself – you won’t regret it… and you’re bound to win more games than I do!

My force:

Kharadron Overlords Admiral: Admiral Jayssonn (28 Renown)

Edrinmaster: Acastus (16 Renown)

Arkanaut Company Captain: Hylas (2 Renown)

Arkanaut Company x 15:  Pelias, Aeetes, Phineus, Phalerus, Castor, Briseis, Eupaemus, Polydeuces, Lynceu, Argos, Aeetes, Talos, Phraetes, Helios, Davius (30 Renown)

You can catch Nick’s warband in action on Warhammer TV on Wednesday – check out the full schedule for more details. In the meantime, watch this space for more Skirmish warbands in the coming weeks, or start your own today.

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