Posted 29/06/2017

Ardacon Hobbit Blog

Adam Troke: Last year Games Workshop’s Middle-earth team had the pleasure of attending a truly amazing weekend of Strategy Battle Gaming, held here in the UK in the heart of Manchester: Ardacon SBG International – an event that can only be described as three full-days of hobby joy!

Well, on August 4th-6th 2017, Ardacon returns with plans to be bigger and better than ever before! We’ll be attending in force once again, bringing a mighty Games Workshop and Forge World sales stand loaded with a multitude of Middle-earth models, and joining in with all the games and events throughout the weekend.

We’re so excited, we got in touch with the magnificent James Clark, and invited him to tell us all about the event.

James: Ardacon is a three-day celebration of Games Workshop’s The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game, set within Tolkien’s glorious Middle-earth. Held in the beautiful Mercure Piccadilly Hotel, it draws hobbyists from across the world together to participate in a weekend filled with games, painting and great fun.

The heart of Ardacon is the community spirit and camaraderie that The Hobbit™ SBG community is famous for, so the first day sees the joyful bedlam that is ‘Chaos in Arda’ kicking off events. This ultimate gaming icebreaker sees participants pick a small, 400point force and matched into groups of four. Gathered around a battlefield, the newly-formed quartet competes in a crazy battle royale with ever-changing objectives. The name of the game here is fun and friendship, and it serves as a great way to get the festivities started.

Our Doubles tournament is also on the Friday, where pairs of players compete for glory and honour. Last year saw a diverse range of duos, with intercontinental alliances, old friends reuniting and partnerships between players who had never met before. At the end of three hard-fought battles, we’ll have our Ardacon Doubles Champions.

On the Saturday and Sunday we host our World Team Championships and Grand Tournament. This amazing spectacle of gaming saw more than 140 players participating last year in determining one overall winner – who we enrobed with a beautiful, custom-wrought World Champion’s Cloak. Anyone can join in these events, and at its heart, it’s a straightforward The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game tournament fought using 700 points, but there’s more to it than that for those who like to play as a team…

As well as crowning our Ardacon World Champion, we’ll also find out which team has risen to the dizzying heights as the World Team Champions – with the best four players in your team combining scores to find out which group has triumphed overall. Both awards are highly coveted, with players joining the fray from across the world last year, with the mighty Polish Hussars claiming the team honours and Ed Ball laying claim to the Champion’s Cloak.

Now, while the Strategy Battle Game is at the heart of Ardacon, there is much more to offer. As well as three amazing gaming experiences, there are other activities to enjoy. Each day sees a painting competition to celebrate the very best in painting and converting within the Middle-earth hobby, and at various points throughout the weekend the Middle-earth team will be hosting a fiendish quiz, a presentation and a Q&A open to all participants. That’s not to mention the attendance of fantastic costumers arrayed in the panoply of the Movies, the gorgeous scenery and displays of the Middle-earth Models club, a painting area manned by some of the community’s best-known faces and participation games for visitors to get involved in.

The final word must go to our venue, hosted in the spectacular Mercure Piccadilly. The venue is conveniently situated in the heart of Manchester, and our games are played in a vast ballroom beneath glittering chandeliers… and if you want to stay on site, convention goers get preferential rates on rooms, food and drink and even the hotel car park.

If you want to join Ardacon 2017, find out more about purchasing tickets HERE.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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