Posted 27/06/2017

James Karch’s Ironjawz Warband

With our Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish campaign now well underway, we’ve seen some brilliant warbands from our players. Last week we looked at Chris Peach’s Daughters of Khaine, a force of blood-crazed assassins characterised by vicious grace. We’re looking today at James Karch’s Ironjawz – while these hulking warriors easily match the Daughters of Khaine in their love for violence, their methods are much less subtle, favouring brute force and raw strength to crush their foes. 

James’ warband is a testament to this philosophy, with a small force of Brutes led by a Megaboss. As you’d expect from a veteran hobbyist, these are beautifully painted and perfectly capture the muscular savagery of the Ironjawz.

James Karch’s Ironjawz

MegabossGazbad Toofkicka

1x BruteBogdaz Grotsmasha

1x BruteBig Grud

1x BruteZeddek Dragoneater

While these guys aren’t as numerous as some of the other warbands in the campaign, they’ll be a significant challenge for any hero brave enough to come between the Ironjawz and their treasure!

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