Posted 24/06/2017

Perturabo Goes Home…

The Lord of Iron and primarch of the IV Legion faces his greatest test in this week’s new release – and it’s one that will push him into heresy. ‘Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia’ by Guy Haley is the fourth instalment in the Primarchs series and focuses, unsurprisingly, on the primarch of the Iron Warriors. The story is set towards the end of the Great Crusade when Perturabo receives word that Olympia, the world where he was raised, has slid into rebellion. Abandoning his battles for the Imperium, he returns home, but the ghosts of his past lead him to rash action…But what of that past? Well, Guy Haley explores that too, showing us the trials the young Perturabo underwent on Olympia and exploring his relationship with his adoptive father, and how all of that started him on his path to treachery. It’s a fascinating and compelling portrait of a warrior who wants to be a builder, and whose entire life is tainted by this – and it’s available to order now. You can download the eBook and MP3 audiobook right now, or order the hardback, which will begin shipping from Monday.

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