Posted 18/06/2017

Blood Bowl Made to Order

For one week only, four classic teams return to Blood Bowl thanks to Made To Order, giving aspiring coaches even more choice when building their personal league and allowing veteran fans to bring their favourite faction into the new edition. Eat your players with the Vampire team, or throw them into the end zone with hulking Ogres, or outmanoeuvre your foes with the Wood Elves.

Finally, Blood Bowl’s worst players and best cooks return with the Halflings. Both they and the Wood Elves will have access to some much-needed bulk with the Treeman Star Player, also available in next week’s Made To Order waves. Rules for Ogres, Vampires, Wood Elves and halflings can be found via our free Teams of Legend Supplement.

If you’re interested, make sure to get these models while you can next week – they’ll be available for one week only!

If you’re new to Blood Bowl, find out more about the game on

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