Posted 17/06/2017

Drop Troops and Deadly Journeys

Two new releases from Black Library are available for pre-order today, one from the Mortal Realms and one from the 41st Millennium.

Chris Dows’ ‘Scions of Elysia’ is an audio drama featuring the famed Elysian Drop Troops, Astra Militarum who bravely strap on a grav-chute and throw themselves into the deadliest situations – in this case in their own system. Rebellion has taken root, and it’s up to the famed Sergeant Zachariah (see the short story ‘Monolith’ for another of his adventures) to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Josh Reynolds has been busy following up a thread from the Realmgate Wars, and in ‘Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden’, the silver-armoured Stormcasts begin a journey to find their lost leader – Gardus the Steel-Soul – that will take them into the very heart of darkness as they journey from the Mortal Realms to the Realm of Chaos. Can they survive the horrors ahead, and even if they do, will the Steel-Soul remain untarnished by his ordeals?

You can find out right away, as the digital editions of both of these new titles are available to download now, or you can pre-order the physical copies, which will be shipped out from the 24th of June. Check them out on

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