Posted 11/06/2017

Kelly Freiborg’s Lord-Aquilor

Kelly Freiborg is an accomplished painter with a unique style, whose work we’ve featured several times in the past on the Warhammer Community website.

Her latest project is the Lord-Aquilor, one of the most dynamic and impressive recent miniature releases for the Stormcast Eternals range for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Here’s Kelly, to talk to us a little bit about her process for painting this iconic model:

Kelly: “I began work on the Lord-Aquilor by deciding on a colour scheme. As usual, I looked for reference Ideas for the piece. I decided to cross my dog’s brown colouring with a peacock for the Gryph-charger. It seemed like fun to try something more grounded in real images while still being fantastical looking when complete.

I also looked at the textures on the mount and Lord and started to look at where it made sense to add some new textures. I added extra lines to the feathers to emphasise a drastic colour variance there. To me, the feathers were a clear choice of emphasis on the model so I went for that. I also used gem paints on the shoulder and globe to add another different texture to the model.

I went for a Hammers of Sigmar motif on the Lord with some changes on the blue and silver added to the gold.  I also added rust to the weapons to add some texture and make the look of the model battle-worn but still unscathed and epic.

I based the model to match my sylvaneth army with rocks and moss which also worked as a good accent to the overall scheme.”

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