Posted 01/06/2017

Middle-earth™: Around the Community

Jay Clare: In many bright and cheery corners of the internet, befitting of the jolly nature of The Shire itself, The Hobbit™ online community is lively and ever-growing. I have often found myself spending many hours trawling through the posts on various forums and Facebook groups, looking at pictures of beautifully painted miniatures, reading exciting battle reports or generally taking in some awesome The Hobbit hobby.

I’ve picked out a few of some of the fantastic models I’ve seen over the last few weeks, all of which were great and worthy of being featured on our weekly blog!
Charles L. has been collecting Middle-earth miniatures for 15 years, and in all that time, he has found few that he believes to be as detailed and characterful as the newly released Gundabad Ogres.

Charles imagines that his Ogres dwelt within the caves and forests of Middle-earth before being called to join Azog’s Legion as they march upon Erebor. Because of this, Charles has blended slightly green undertones into a brown basecoat before highlighting the skin to give the skin colour in the picture above, which Charles is very proud of – and rightly so!
Charles has four Ogres in his collection, and rather than them all looking the same, he has swapped the heads of the second pair of Ogres over, as well as giving them a slightly lighter skin tone too.

Another great picture I happened upon is this photo of The Watcher in the Water, beautifully painted by Lucas M. from Brazil.

Lucas has been collecting and painting Middle-earth models since The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ Strategy Battle Game was first released way back in 2001, and his passion for Middle-earth models has only continued to grow.

As The Watcher in the Water was the first big monster to appear in The Lord of the Rings™ trilogy, Lucas has always had a bit of a soft spot for the horrific tentacled creature and has finally got round to painting his own version.

Lucas’ Watcher in the Water now sits as the centrepiece of his ever-expanding Moria™ army – we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Another model that grabbed my attention was this stunning rendition of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm on Elk, painted by the incredibly talented Lukas C.

Lukas wanted to paint his Thranduil in a different colour scheme to the usual blacks and reds of the Thranduil we see in the film, and so has painted his version in woodland colours to fit in with his Wood Elf army. Thranduil’s cloak has been painted with dark greens, with the details and inside painted in a deep orange colour too.

Lukas has painted Thranduil’s ornate armour using a non-metallic metal colour scheme, which he achieved using a combination of airbrushing and brushwork to highlight the raised areas. Lukas has even said that he found the armour the most challenging and enjoyable part of the model, and he has certainly done an exceptional job on it. As if that wasn’t enough, Lukas then added the Arkenstone™ to Thranduil’s base by painting a small rock to look as though it is the glowing King’s Jewel itself, adding a final layer of contrast to the model.

If you have painted some Middle-earth models that you are proud of, post them on Instagram with the hashtags #PaintingWarhammer and #PaintingForgeWorld, and you may even see them on that range’s product pages!

No doubt in the future we will feature even more amazing models from the wider Hobbit community, so keep your eyes peeled and keep posting your miniatures online – we are always watching!

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